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How to Manage Stress, Before Stress Manages You

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 @ 11:21 AM

motivational speaker for franchise eventI was recently a motivational speaker for  financial service employees, where the theme of the event was managing burnout. After some incredibly challenging years, financial service professionals need the motivation.

 Each of the other financial services motivational speakers delivered motivational talks suggesting that the most common workplace complaint today is how overworked and overstressed people are. To better manage stress we need to understand it, so let's refresh our memory about what stress is and where it comes from.

Grace Under Pressure: Rescue Yourself from Stress motivational talk

Here are some of the points the motivational speaker suggested about stress:

 Eustress vs. Distress

Not all stress is bad. Positive stress, often called "eustress" gives you energy and promotes overall wellness. This stress occurs when you work on projects that engage you and lead to peak performance.

Negative stress, sometimes called "distress" is associated with too much (overwork) or too little (boredom) arousal and is harmful to overall health and wellness.

How to Manage Stress within your Sphere of Influence

 The Duration of Stress also matters

 Temporary Stress does not, by definition, last long. A report with a deadline is a temporary stress, since once it's complete the stress goes away with it. 

Chronic Stress lasts longer. Lingering worries about the quality of the report would lead to chronic stress.

 Wellness Benefits of Laughter

The body and mind function optimally in a state called ''homeostasis," which is stable equilibrium. Excessive change in a person's life throws off equilibrium, forcing the body to adapt. Your body reacts to excessive demands -self imposed or otherwise - by trying to compensate. When this happens, your body attempts to regain its equilibrium by releasing hormones and triggering other reactions - which all combine to produce the physical effects of stress that we are familiar with:  lack of appetite or increased grazing, insomnia, distraction, and so forth. Over time, those stress hormones can negatively affect a person's health and wellbeing, leading to anxiety and confusion.

 Tips to Boost Your Energy

 The Top Chronic Stressors are (from the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS):

1 - Money

2 - Career or Job

3 - Health

4 - Sex and/or Conflicts in Marriage

5 - Conflicts and/or Problems with Children

6 - Time and/or Excess Responsibilities 

The fascinating twist when it comes to stress is that it is your perception of stress that matters most, and not the stress itself.  One person may view any of the top chronic stressors above as extremely stressful and go into chronic stress mode, while another person may just roll with it and breeze through only a temporary stress state.

This Company is Causing me to Burnout! Stress Management Motivational talk,

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