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Leadership Speaker Graham Lowe, PhD

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 12:32 PM

inspirational leadership speakerI was an inspirational speaker for the IPMA Canada Conference for HR Professionals.

One of the other inspirational leadership speakers was Graham Lowe. Graham delivered a content packed inspirational talk about creating healthy organizations.

Graham unfolded concepts to enhance employee wellbeing and workplace performance.

Cultivating workplaces that inspire employees requires hard work and diligent leadership. Graham's inspirational talk offered Four Building Blocks to creating healthy organizations:

  1. -A vibrant workplace
  2. -Inspired employees
  3. -A positive culture
  4. -Inclusive leadership

A popular inspirational leadership speaker for HR Professionals, Graham spoke about the ingredients of a vibrant workplace that contribute to high performance. Respect, communication, accomplishment, contribution, and recognition are the targets that employees value and managers strive for. His leadership book, Creating Healthy Organizations, goes into detail on how to create this win-win relationship with employees and managers.

A healthy organization is resilient and agile because it takes care of it's employees. Its systems, structure, culture and strategy need to fit together in a healthy and congruent way with each leg supporting the other.

Graham suggests we look at a healthy organization in a holistic way - much as we encourage employee wellbeing.

Performance and success flow when organizational wellbeing is high.

To discover how healthy your organization is visit Graham's website, purchase his leadership book, find out about his inspirational talks or fill out his Healthy Organization Assessment.


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