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How to Groom Generation Y

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 01:56 PM

generational speakerI was recently a generational speaker for a conference of government employees. During one of the motivational speeches a delegates offered the following scenario....

She was telling a 26 year old employee about an important step she was neglecting in her contracts and the employee burst into tears and lashed out in anger. The manager was stunned and speechless- How could a smart, resourceful, young employee react like this?

The reaction from the crowd suggested that this is not a unique experience and occurs often with younger employees. Many Generation Y employees have a very difficult time accepting feedback, especially if it's negative.

During my motivational speeches, often a Generation Y will be offended; so I always emphasize that this is not meant to stereotype but an observation. Our purpose is to help us build understanding and learn to lead this incredibly talented generation.

Because millennials are strong on self expression but may lack self control; leaders need to actively encourage Generation Y to think before they speak or act.

Offering an opportunity to learn how others perceive them is crucial education. Take the emphasis off the individual ( it's not all about you) and put it on the issue and it's impact on the organization and team.

Leadership Generational Speaker Albert Humphrey offers this SWOT analysis to help do this:

When a performance issue arises with a Millennial, Go through this analysis to take the focus off self and on the bigger picture:

1) Brainstorm Strengths & Weaknesses associated with the problem ( poor performance) as it relates to the organization, team and individual.

2) Brainstorm Opportunities & Threats associated with the problem ( poor performance) as it relates to the organization, team and individual.

 Doing this process a couple of times will help Generation Y transform their thinking and perspective to embrace accountability and the bigger picture.

Through Coaching, the Skills Generation Y will Need to Develop:

  • Accountability
  • Issue-Centered rather than Self- Centered
  • Sensitivity to the organization and Team
  • Appreciate the Process Not Just the End Result
  • Non- Reactive Listening

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