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Predictions for 2020

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Mar 19, 2012 @ 02:26 PM

inspirational speaker change managementI was an inspirational speaker for the Future Evolution Change Management Conference.

This blog digests some of the thoughts revealed by the futurist motivational speakers:

By 2020 we can predict to see:

More People

Global population has been increasing at around 75 million per year.

By 2020, we will add another 750M people to the planet. This inevitably means a crowded world where we are all competing for the same resources.

More Older People

Today, our average life expectancy in North America is 79. The average person can expect to live at least another 10 years longer than their parents.

Children born today can expect to live on average 97 years. Right now 55 years old is typically considered retirement age, soon this will be mid- life. A motivational speech on pension plans( ok a semi- motivational speech) suggested that Old Age needs to be re-defined. Pension plans cannot accomodate this longer life expectancy and people will have to work longer.

Services for seniors will explode and will be (already are) under staffed and under resourced.

Universal Access.

Ten years ago, there were around 700 million mobile devices, most of them didn't connect to the internet. Today we have 4.6 billion mobile devices worldwide and most connect to the internet. 76% of north america has internet access.

Given the explosion of mobile technology and more recently social networks, the lines between work and play are being tested. What used to be two distinct area are integrated. This has implications for work/ life balance, employer expectations, guidelines for technology use and connectivity.

Universal Access is transforming the workplace.

Individuals have to judge who to trust online.

Content is free or inexpensive, it's a commodity.

Another inspirational speakers, motivational speech talked about how universal access undermines the traditional way we do business and has serious implications for content providers like journalists, newspapers, books, magazines,television, music artists, video rentals.

These business models will have to change drastically or will become obsolete.

Less face to face interaction.

As people read and buy things and seek support online, it will reduce the need to interact face to face. More people work from home and are in isolation.

I believe live events, meetings and conferences will increase as people seek stable face to face interaction to balance the isolation.

According to Nielsen, the average internet user in the US now spends over 70 hours a month online

Personal information will be shared all over the world. People will have to decide what information to they want to share or not.

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