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4 Workplace Morale Boosters

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 01:20 PM

morale boostersWith the economy in the tank and budget balancing acts affecting the front line; bad news flies at us daily. To keep people from falling into a motivational slump, leadership needs to continually spark inspiration.

If you are looking to inspire motivation at work...Try these 5 Leadership Morale Boosters:

1) Give a Motivational Pep Talk.

Regular pep talks are important to keep people on purpose and inspired by their work. It shouldn't be a formal motivational talk but a few impromptu inspirational word that bring people together in shared purpose. Recognize team strength, shared commitment, goals reached and add some informal humor to spice things up.

Make sure to do this regularly, have a format to make the motivational speech easier to create every time and rotate different leadership delivering the motivational talk. If done well, employees will look forward to the pep talk.

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2) Recognize People Regularly.

Genuine, Specific and most importantly unexpected, recognition goes a long way to boosting morale. Studies show the main reason people quit thier job is not pay but because they feel under appreciated.  Trouble stems because most leadership pay attention to staff only when things go wrong. Employees who actually do hundreds of things right every day take the heat when one thing goes afowel.  Take time to notice the good stuff and find unique and unexpected ways to show your appreciation.

3) Celebrate and Have Fun!

Informal, fun celebratory leadership staff events are key to enlivening spirit and inspiration. Through shared humor, informal bonds are strengthened and powerful comradery results. Never underestimate the power that this informal levity can have to increase spirit and enthusiasm. Unexpected celebrations ( the impromptu pizza party) can offer tangible memories and reap rewards for years to come.

4) Training and skills building is critical to keep employees motivated. 

Doing the same thing over and over again without developing any new skills will drain morale. From time to time give employees opportunity to learn skills directly related to the job or soft skills like communication, good wring or speaking skills. Send them to an outside seminar or bring in a guest speaker to challenge peoples perspectives and plant new ideas.

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When you notice your workplace is in a slump, rely on the above morale boosters to save the day.

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