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Guest Speaker for School Personnel Administrators

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Nov 03, 2011 @ 12:26 PM

On December 1, 2011, I am a guest speaker for the Michigan Association of School Personnel Administrators, a state chapter of the American Association of School Personnel Administrators. The audience is comprised of K-12 public education personnel/human resource leadership professionals from across michigan.

To prepare to be a guest speaker for the school administrators, I interviewed several delegates to get a feel for the stresses and joys of the job.

It turns out taking leadership as a school administrator is a lot of pressure. Recently the state of michigan has radically revised there tenure act. It is immediate and it affects how teachers, school adminstrators and leadership are evaluated. The standards have been turned upside down to reflect diminishing emphasis on teacher/ administrator tenure and more on student engagement and growth. The frequency of teacher evaluation has also changed- what used to be every 3 years is now an annual event.

These are great advancements for education leadership in our communities, students and the classroom but they represent tremendous upheavel at the school administrators level. To add insult to injury, the guidelines are still changing and there interpretation is merky at best.

Imagine school administration leadership having to evaluate education personnel and not having exact guidelines to do it and you can imagine a very stressed out professional.

Aside from these changes, school administrators also have to deal with employee issues like attendance, performance, and how to implement, monitor and use social media in teaching.

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 As a guest speaker for the school administrators we will talking about taking yourself lightly to surive and thrive in changing times. They will need it!

Check out the national chapter the American Association of School Personnel Administrators website.

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