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Kentucky School Superintendents' Leadership Embrace Change

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jun 10, 2011 @ 02:08 PM

funny motivational speaker for school superintendentsI am a guest speaker for the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents Summer Institute June 23, 2011 where about 250 School supertintendents and vendors are expected to attend.

The theme of the event is School Leaders Achieving Excellence together. In preparation, I had a conversation this week with Wilson Sears the Executive Director for Kentucky Association of School Superintendents.

One of the things that stuck out about the interview is how technology has transformed education. One of the issues that has arisen is with cell phones. It used to be that students were told not to take their cell phones to school, but parents didn't like this as it was their lifeline to their offspring. The superintendents adjusted and tried to mandate that the phones be powered off during school hours. Parents and students protested and nothing stuck.

The second technology issue is with text messaging. Mr Sears told a story of three students who proved to their school principal that they could text message each other with the cell phone hidden inside their coat pocket and invisible to a teacher. A fantastic way to cheat on an exam - simply poll your smartest friends.

So instead of fighting technology the leadership for the school superintendents  are looking for ways to embrace it. One of the suggestions is to use technology to help them overcome a major obstacle to learning in Kentucky: Snow. Many places don't have the equipment or resources to deal with snow when it falls in Kentucky, so often classes are cancelled.

Embracing change and using available technology, the superintendents are looking at streaming information from classrooms to homes so kids can still get their lessons.

I am hired to be a funny guest speaker for the school superintendents, I plan to weave in the message of how change is inevitable and how humor helps us survive, thrive and embrace change.

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