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3 Ways Teenagers Diversify our Workplace Speaker at Conference

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Feb 22, 2011 @ 10:42 AM

speakers on generational diversityOne of a handful of speakers on generational diversity, Larry and Meaghan Johnson coined the term Linksters.

Linksters (the generation born after 1995) are radically different from previous generations -- even Gen Ys.

Social Skills- Humorous Generational speaker Larry Johnson says Linksters may be less socially skilled than previous generations. Most of their conversation happens on text, social media, and behind a device so their ability to socialize face to face may not be so elegant.

Linksters struggle with workplace etiquette. Everything from dress code violations to inappropriate language can run rampant with this generation. Be very specific about a dress code and define inappropriate language

They learn through interaction. Through games, social networks, etc, linksters know learning as a two way street. This is not a you talk, I listen generation. Linksters believe communication is more of a collaboration and negotiation.  Linksters value social media interaction at work.

Parenting- Like the Gen Y parenting has strongly influenced this generation. They may be even more involved in their childrens lives at home and at work. Speakers on generational diversity, Larry and Meaghan Johnson suggest holding an open house for parents.

I was a keynote generational speaker at a parks and recreation and joint transportation conference, they hire a lot of very young professionals in the parks and rec industry. One parks and recreation leader suggested to engage this young generation he hires on facebook and Myspace. Current employees can easily "like" the company and generate enthusiasm. He has had great success with this technique. Our nations parks are the furthest thing from technology yet it may be the best way to recruit young parks enthusiasts.


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