3 Speaking Styles of a Motivational Speaker

motivational speakerThere are some amazing motivational speakers with a compelling message. I think a really good professional speaker has a refined speaking style. Below are some of those styles to help you decide which would work best for your conference experience.

Three Speaking Styles of a Motivational Speaker:

1) Funny, Humorous Motivational Speaker. This speakers style engages a convention audience with humor and laughter. It is a great way to open or close a conference.

Stressed out people will appreciate laughing because it instantly compels people to take themselves lightly.

As they say people who play together stay together, create rapport with conference delegates by ensuring you have some levity built into the agenda.

I am considered a Humorous Motivational Speaker and one of my other favorite female motivational speakers is Linda Edgecombe or Amanda Gore.

2) Content Rich Speaker. This style of presentation is usually designed to deliver the maximum amount of information relevant to the audience. Your convention would benefit from this style of professional speaker if their is a certain timely message you need to get across. Some examples are technology or social media professional speakers like Susan Sweeney or Jim Carroll.

3) Story Teller- Some motivational speakers get their calling from delivering their story. You will find professional speakers who have climbed mountains, survived cancer or were born with a disability they turn into an advantage on the platform. Their story becomes an inspiration for others.

If the audience can relate to the speaker and their message resonates to a diverse group, this message will inspire.

Some good story tellers are Alvin Law or Warren MacDonald

Of course a motivational speaker can be a combination of several of these styles, however a really compelling speaker usually focuses on one or two. Learn how to hire a motivational speaker here.

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