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Career Opportunities in Public Speaking

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jul 30, 2014 @ 01:16 PM

guest speakerDo you have what it takes to speak in public? If you have confidence and the ability to engage an audience, there’s plenty of scope to earn a livelihood from your speaking skills.

You will also get a chance to travel the world and understand cultural difference and drives. Getting started can be somewhat intimidating since the art of public speaking is not natural to everyone.

For those who are firm, confident and ready to put their verbal prowess to work, there are plenty of career opportunities in public speaking. Take a look at some of them.

Motivational Speaker

Inspiring other people is a difficult thing. But if you’re a natural crowd pleaser, make use of this skill to uplift people. It will give you monetary independence, but also enrich your life by helping other people.

You can exhibit the charisma of your voice and energy, and help people transform their lives. You need to play the leader or master who paves the way for folks from different walks of life, be it a hopeless entrepreneur, a frustrated writer, or a common man finding it difficult to balance work and family. You can see some international motivational speakers who have enough power of motivation and truly legend. They even earn $50000 to $100000 for a speaking event with business class travel.

Career as an Instructional Guest Speaker

If you are good at giving instructions to help people, this one is the right career option for you. You chances of being selected are brighter if you hail from a relevant industry such as teaching, or perhaps you have been a seminar instructor telling people about the functionality of new software programs.

There are organizations that hire professional speakers to conduct how-to seminars. But if you want to work independently and earn well, working for yourself will be a better option.

Become an Expert Guest Speaker

Find out what you love doing the most or are expert at. If your expertise is rare and extremely high in demand, you can found your professional career as an expert speaker on it.

Here, you’ll have to master the art of translating specialized knowledge into simpler keynotes for people to grasps. Another handy way is to get a book published to become an expert. This will enhance your credibility and give your career as an expert author a hefty boost. 

Inspire People as a Religious Speaker

Your role as a religious speaker is to give people facts about life, without hitting too hard. After all, people are looking for guidance, but not one that burdens them further.

While working as a religious leader, you will have to give inspirational speeches, read aloud religious texts, and offer motivating ideas. If you have read the story and determined to become a public speaker then following post would be very helpful to you: How to Engage Your Audience during a Speaking Event

This type of speaking requires you to socialize as much as you can and be busy most of the time. It comes with a responsibility of meeting people who come to hear you speak in order to develop a spiritual understanding! 

Hope you enjoyed reading the article contributed by Jonathan Curran. He is author and director at PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency. He represents and provides expert celebrity speakers, business, motivational speakers and other wide ranging topics to students, companies and conferences worldwide.  You can get more updates by following us on Google+ page. 

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