How do you become a Motivational Speaker?

motivational speakerThe question I get alot is how do you become a Motivational speaker? The best answer is you just do it. Speak alot, everywhere they will listen, even if you are speaking for free ( however if someone wants to pay you, take their money). Once you get good at it ( 500 plus presentations later) usually people will ask you if you do this for other events,or for a living, and it builds from here.

I used to call up toastmasters clubs and ask them if i could come to a meeting and speak for 20 minutes ( no less, its not worth your time). Toastmasters mission is to help people with public speaking skills and they are a fantastic organization. I recommend everyone join toastmasters, it's fun, you build confidence and you meet some great people who want to support you. Toastmaster club meeting speaking slots are usually only 7 minutes so you need to  push for more time, 20 Minutes minimum or the maximum time they will give you. 

Most clubs will grant you more time. You will be evaluated at the end of your talk. Take the evaluation for whatever its worth. Most evaluations are somewhat useful but your really there just to get the experience in front of warm bodies (As opposed to your stuffed animals arranged neatly as your audience on your couch). Do not get discouraged, it takes a long time to really get comfortable, confident and develop a compelling message. Toastmasters also has a convention, an inspiring experience for anyone who wants to be a motivational speaker.

This is a good start, once you get really good at speaking in public, eventually people will want to hire you. They will come up to you after your inspirational speeches and ask you to speak for their group. Now you are a motivational speaker, congratulations ( ok more than one person needs to hire you!)

A few more ground rules are below and i can cover the more advanced stages of marketing, setting up your business in another blog. If you have specific questions on the speaking business, how to get started or others leave your comments below and i will write a blog about it. I will also talk about the professional speaking organization the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, where i was a founding board member of the calgary chapter over 12 years ago! Time flies when your having fun, and motivational speaking is incredibly fun.

- Never

-take advice from a motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river(my favorite saturday night live episode).

-speak down to the crowd in a condescending or derogatory way.

-"wing it"



Inspiring other people is a difficult thing. But if you’re a natural crowd pleaser, make use of this skill to uplift people. It will give you monetary independence, but also enrich your life by helping other people.

You can exhibit the charisma of your voice and energy, and help people transform their lives. You need to play the leader or master who paves the way for folks from different walks of life, be it a hopeless entrepreneur, a frustrated writer, or a common man finding it difficult to balance work and family. You can see some international motivational speakers who have enough power of motivation and truly legend. They even earn $50000 to $100000 for a speaking event with business class travel.


If you are good at giving instructions to help people, this one is the right career option for you. You chances of being selected are brighter if you hail from a relevant industry such as teaching, or perhaps you have been a seminar instructor telling people about the functionality of new software programs.

There are organizations that hire professional speakers to conduct how-to seminars. But if you want to work independently and earn well, working for yourself will be a better option.


Find out what you love doing the most or are expert at. If your expertise is rare and extremely high in demand, you can found your professional career as an expert speaker on it.

Here, you’ll have to master the art of translating specialized knowledge into simpler keynotes for people to grasps. Another handy way is to get a book published to become an expert. This will enhance your credibility and give your career as an expert author a hefty boost. 


Your role as a religious speaker is to give people facts about life, without hitting too hard. After all, people are looking for guidance, but not one that burdens them further.

While working as a religious leader, you will have to give inspirational speeches, read aloud religious texts, and offer motivating ideas. If you have read the story and determined to become a public speaker then following post would be very helpful to you: How to Engage Your Audience during a Speaking Event

This type of speaking requires you to socialize as much as you can and be busy most of the time. It comes with a responsibility of meeting people who come to hear you speak in order to develop a spiritual understanding! 

Do you have any questions about the public speaking business or motivational speakers?Please leave a comment!

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