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How to Understand Logical Analytic People

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jun 30, 2014 @ 12:36 PM

motivational speakerThere are people at work who drive us all crazy. As a motivational keynote speaker, the complaint I hear the most is about the highly technical, systematic, intellectual personality type. I call them critical analytic people.

These logical, spread sheet loving individuals tend to thrive on order, acuracy and analysis. They are highly detail oriented and very rational.

They thrive on preparation and research. In fact, they need it to move forward and to feel comfortable in their job. For intellectuals, there is a right and a wrong way to do things and they would be happy to back that up with research.

The trouble is critical, analytic people may procrastinate because they need so much research to proceed before making a decision. They often will not just do what is asked, instead they will question what logic backs the activity.

These very logical individuals are often perfectionists. Others will look to them as a drain because they seem to complain and slow down progress. The mind that thrives on detail can be accused of being narrow. The bigger picture, visionary direction of a project can often get lost when your caught up in the finer points.

Focusing on detail can seem like complaining, because they are drawing attention to small, finer points. Often, they are also noticing these points as problems. Some people may shrug their shoulders and think these analytical people are pessimists and slowing down progress.

To massage the relationship and deal with critical people consider the following advice:

  • present any new idea or change with data to support and back it up. As a simple example: if you wanted a critical analytical person to go to a movie, you would briefly show them all the options and then tell them why the movie you chose is the best.
  • give critical analytical people more time to stew things over
  • if you want research done, critical analytics will thrive on this- give them this project. Make sure to also give them a time line.
  • help critical analyticals know that good enough is good enough

As a motivational keynote speaker I am often asked to present the speech I Love My Job, it's the People I can't Stand, to help people relate to different personalities.


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