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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 29, 2014 @ 04:18 PM

generational speakerBelow is some inspiration and resources from Generational Speaker, Jody Urquharts Column and Blog to help you manage the X and Y Generation.

"Young people today have no work ethic!"  "The over-the-hill crowd is clueless."  "Workaholics?  Get a life!" 

Funny motivational speakers millenials program link

There is a new face to workplace diversity.  Elders, boomer's, X's and millennial share different values and work styles that present new challenges in the workplace.  Learn practical solutions and insights for bridging and overcoming these generational differences.
4 Tips to Lead Someone Older than You
How not to manage x and y generation
x and y generation complacency
Develop a Leadership Program for the Generations
When Gen Y Starts a Job, Get them On Board Fast
How Technology Shapes Younger Generations. Generational Speaker

Leadership Skills to Prevent Mediocrity and Avoid Entitlement

3 Diversity Workshop Activities
Gen Y Needs you to Keep Score Says Generational Speaker
Leadership Speaker Conversation on Generational Diversity

X and Y Generation Leadership, Kick your Kids off the Couch

Generational Speaker and Teen Sexting
Succession Planning Leadership Success Story
When Leadership Shouldn't Give a Motivational Speech

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