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How to Spot a Loser

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jun 16, 2014 @ 03:17 PM

funny motivational speechRecently I was annoyed to see another fabulous friend hook up with a loser. How do I know he's a loser? He is liar( and she keeps taking him back), he is always late, he is in his mid 40's and goes from job to job and he has 3 ex wives that all hate him.

In short, he is transient.

He is not committed to any one thing, instead he reaches for the low hanging fruit. Almost without thought, he susses out the easiest way to get the satifaction he needs without investing too much energy or resources.

Liars very easily get what they want (as long as they are believable) because they can morph themselves into whatever you want them to be. The fact that he cannot hold down a job indicates that when the going gets tough, he leaves.

Anyone who is alway late and consistently makes other people wait is just being disrespectful. Finally, the fact that he has tumultuous relationships with 3 seperate ex wives speaks to his character. When things get rough in his relationships, he simply checks out.

The dictionary definition of a loser is a person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in life.

My definition of a loser isn't someone who fails but someone who gives up too easily. Thus, they live a more transient lifestyle moving from opportunity to opportunity and leaving a mess as they go.

As a motivational speaker it is not smart to go around calling people losers. I also agree that loser is a harsh word and you should never call someone names. However it helps to recognize certain behaviors traits and patterns that will be repeated in the future because it is tied to a persons character.

As I ask my friend, Do you really want to be with a loser?

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