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The Psychology of Influence

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 @ 12:43 PM

motivational speakerI was in line at the grocery store when the cashier ringing through the groceries says,and  I'll add a Kit kat chocolate bar to your bill? I said no. She gestures behind me, I turn around to see my four year old son munching on the chocolate.

You really can't blame him for finding the candy hard to resist. Grocery stores put bright colourful candy front and center and eye level to tempt children to nag their parents for a treat.

A little bit of research suggests organizations everywhere play little psychological tricks to influence us to change and do what they want and it's not just children there after.

Restaurants play fast upbeat music to encourage people to eat quickly so they will promptly leave and surrender their table to someone else. The unsuspecting patron wolfs down a meal they fully intended to enjoy.

Casinos use hundreds of things to get you to part with your money. To get to the registration desk you must wade through all the slot machines and tables that will tempt you to play. The carpet colourful and hideous to force the eye up and towards the slots.

Casino chips have been shown to be psychologically easier to part with then money, so we are forced to gamble with chips.

These and many more subtle things are working beneath the subconscious to influence change, no wonder it's so hard to resist.

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