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Sponsorship for Motivational Keynote SpeakerI was a motivational speaker for a large meeting planners summit. During one of the break out sessions, the guest speaker facilitated audience members to draft a script that could be used to call potential sponsors and secure sponsorship. We agreed that today it's necessary to call people because it creates that personal touch that is often lost in email and social media. Below is a sample draft phone script to secure meeting sponsorship:

Hello. This is ( Insert Name), meeting planner for the ( Conference name).  I’m calling today because our annual conference is scheduled for ( insert date)… and we need your support.  We have a lot of great opportunities to be an important sponsor for this event.

The benefit of sponsorship is to get your name and information in front of some key people that can use your services. What makes our conference unique is....

List unique selling points mostly relative to the audience and the exposure the sponsor gets. It will help to use specific company names ( i.e.- XYZ corp sends over 12 employees to the event from key HR positions who could use your services in these ways). 

The kind of return you can expect to see from sponsorship is.....

You will receive a listing of all the conference delegates and their contact information. These are people you will have exposure to throughout the event. We are hosting ( insert networking event types-  gala event with a motivational keynote speaker, an afternoon reception, a morning networking event, etc.). You will be given complimentary tickets to all of these events and are encouraged to use the time to get to know delegates.

Follow up with clients after the event (for previous sponsors) has proven to create and solidify relationships that are profitable for years to come.

Our basic sponsorship package includes:

Insert details including what exposure a sponsor will get. For instance, list ways you will engage participants before, during and after the event. 

A listing in the newsletter and conference brochure, event signage, an exhibit booth, opportunities to introduce the motivational keynote speaker or guest speakers, etc

Please help us by seriously considering a sponsorship level and getting back to me by ( insert date). Share our sponsorship brochure with your co-workers and let me know if you have any questions.

Last year, our sponsor support helped us raise more than (insert amount).  With that money, we were able to secure great cutting edge industry guest speakers, hire a great motivational keynote speaker, host an awards banquet and more.

We have no doubt that we will come through with a fabulous event again this time.

We appreciate all of your help and sponsorship support.

Can I follow up with you next week?

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