How to Choose a Convention Theme

humorous motivational speakerChoosing a convention theme (and a motivational speaker!) every year can be a daunting task. Below are 3 common convention themes and some ideas on how to build programs to help support your theme.
Imagination.... Innovation... Creativity
Some industries are forced to constantly evolve and for others innovation may be new to them and a force fit. Either way these professionals need creative venues and experiences to spark their imagination and keep new and innovative ideas flowing.
Convention themes designed around innovation would support the free flow and acceptance of ideas. Hold small group discussions, round tables and hire motivational speakers and guest speakers on themes that support this.
Also friendly competitions to encourage creative thinking may support the goal of generating innovative ideas.

Don't waste their imagination on tried and true content but focus on refreshing and inspiring insights and motivational speakers.


This is a great theme for any group that is having a hard time embracing change. When people feel beaten up and dragged down by constant change their sense of acceptance and commitment will wither.
This theme will build a congruent message to the group that helps them feel supported through change.
Remind these audiences that the only way around change is through it and acceptance is the only answer. 
Rejuvenate....Recharge... Renew, Refresh, Recharge, Personal Wellness.... Take Care of Yourself...
Some crowds have had a really hard year and feel beaten up and worn out. This theme would help them refocus their attention on taking care of themselves and rejuvenate their commitment to their own sense of wellbeing.  
To help this group feel more vibrant and alive hire guest speakers that remind them of good health tips and help them recommit to their own vitality.
Around the wellness theme you may chose to provide yoga or massage breaks, provide open forums to talk about stress.
Signature drinks built around the theme, mascots, themed costume parties all  provide reinforcement and congruence.  Also encourage exhibitors and vendors to heed to the theme.
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