5 Keys to Innovation

motivational speakerYouTube started as a dating site. The idea was you would upload a video of yourself and people would vote on potential mates. 
Eventually the designers realized people had no way to share these videos. Thus, eventually they did away with the dating idea and instead created the hugely successful video sharing website UTube.

As is true in so many success stories today; being open to new ideas and flexible to the needs of customers can drive success.

Hard work is not the only ingredient to drive success, it's often random connection and even luck. The problem is most people can't do anything randomly...humans need purpose in life.

Keynote speaker Frans Johansson in his motivational speech to the Human Resources Professionals Association suggested the following keys to be Innovative..

1)Create unexpected connections.
All idea are combinations of existing ones and not all combinations are created equally. Explore unusual connections to find ones that stand out

2) Place more bets.
The people who really change the world try far more ideas- eventually one of them will succeed.

3) Execute fast and small steps.
Use the smallest executable step to test the market

4) Pay attention to surprise.
Because people are not good at predicting what will work, we have to put it out there and see where people surprisingly pay attention.

5) Do something, anything and put it out there.

The keynote speaker pointed the discussion towards the drug industry. In the 1990's, Pfizer developed a heart drug that was not successful but it was driving some demand. This unexpected sideline success was hinged on the fact that it did seem to help some men to "rise to occasion". They repackaged it and created Viagra, the worlds number one selling prescription drug.

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