Motivational Speaker for the Human Resources Professionals Association

On January 22 and 23, 2015,  I am a Motivational Speaker for the Human resources Professionals Association ( HRPA). HRPA is a professional regulatory body that oversees over 20, 000 members throughout ontario.

This is known as Canada's Largest HR Conference. The HRPA also issued the certified human resources professional designation ( CHRP) and the Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRP) designation, reserved for high-impact HR leaders.

The theme of this years conference, The Business of HR, speaks to the business side of HR. Understanding the uniqueness of an organization and combining this with HR practice.

The other main platform Motivational Speakers for the Human Resources conference include:

Dr Nick Bontis with his motivational speech, Information Bombardment

Scott Stratten with his motivational speech, Unselling the Employee

Dr Ginger Grant with her Motivational speech, Corporate Culture and Creativity

January 22, 2015

Frans Johansson with his Motivational speech Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World

Mike Walsh with his Motivational speech The Cloud will Disrupt the Future

January 23, 2015

Stephen Dubner with his Motivational, Speech Think Like a Freak

Humorous Motivational Speaker Steve Gilliland with his Motivational Speech Making a Difference

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