You've Got This! How to Have a Great Day.

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As your colleague nitpicks at the fine details of your work, you find yourself​ growing increasingly irritated. She means well, or maybe she doesn't. Either way, you need to move on to the next item on your to-do list. 

Her need to oversee your work is slowing you down. However, what's going to wreck your day are the draining thoughts that insist on reminding you how annoying she is. Swirling around in your head, well past the insult, are judgements about how she doesn't trust you. You assess her tone, persistence and attitude. It's irritating you. 

Know this. Your thoughts either lift you up or bring you down. ​Positive thoughts elevate you and energize you because they give you a dopamine, serotonin boost. Negative thoughts gorge you in adrenaline and instigate your stress cycle. What's worse is negative thoughts pull you out of the present moment and into a world of ridicule. This perpetuates stress. 

​Elevate your energy! Shape your day by strategically putting positive thoughts into your head and into your heart. It does take effort and persistence because positive thoughts are fleeting​; you have to keep insisting on changing your inner dialogue. 

​When you think positive thoughts bring their essence and energy into you. Feel the emotions of happiness and joy. This is key to change. 

​To climb outside yourself, you need to elevate your energy every chance you get. Starve negative thoughts and dumpy moods and replace them with positive ones. You can do this. Your elevated energy will uplift you instantly. Don't give up. Rely on inner strength. 

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They are designed to help put those positive emotions and thoughts inside you. Repetition is the key. Listen to these words and feel positive emotion well up inside you. Keep it there as long as you can. You are carving new neural pathways to a better life.

​Below is this weeks video about staying positive. I have also written it out below. Some of the words will inspire you. Write those words down. Repeat them to yourself. If a few words pieced together inspire me, I write them over and over on a sheet of paper 50 -100 times. I let them build positive energy inside me that will help carry me through the day.

​Elevate! ​Y​ou'll need this ​positive energy for your climb.

A 5 Minute Motivational Speech to Stay Positive

The words you expose yourself to have an impact on your day.

Energetically charged words energize you. Doubtful thoughts deplete you.

The thoughts you have, the books you read, the ideas you consume. They make you grow​ , or they make you sink into fear and doubt.

​Y​ou decide.

You are powerful. The thoughts you chose combined with emotion will shape you. They give you energy. They fuel passion—the fuel possibility.

Own your strength. Own your future. 

Your mind is unstructured. If you don't control it, it controls you.

You can be sucked into negative dialogue, you can be sucked into depleting beliefs.

Don't let the sad emotions eat up the good ones. Move your life forward.

Be ​Relentless; think positive thoughts.

Be Relentless​; keep a positive attitude.

Be ​Relentless; guard your energy.

It takes effort. Every day you must throw positive energy at yourself. 

To get extra motivation, you need positive words to keep you going.

Good things are happening. Celebrate. 

Don’t be a victim of circumstances.​ ​Think and be inspired. 

Happy thoughts build happiness.

Joyful thoughts build joy.

Successful thoughts build success.

Build yourself up, stop tearing yourself down.

Start right now. Tell yourself how powerful you are. Tell yourself how you will succeed. Believe in yourself.  Move your life forward.

Inside yourself is everything you need to have success and happiness. Stop looking around you for it; look inside you. Build an inner resolve. Rely on your inner strength. 

Stop limiting yourself. 

Focus on what you want, not what you don't want.

Nothing can stop you when you discover your power.

You have to believe in yourself. Trust. 

Grow stronger every day. Don't let fear or negativity steal your joy.

Every end is a new beginning. 

When ​one door closes, one door opens.

What you want wants you. 

The only thing that holds you back is you.


Doubt is holding you back.

Fear is holding you back.

Negativity is suffocating you.




Tell yourself happy thoughts. Create a happy life.


It's up to you. Feed your mind positive thoughts. Focus on positive intentions. 


Very quickly, you will feel more powerful. More certain. More alive.


You are not your past. You are not your mistakes.


You are you. Success comes with consistency.


Switch your thoughts and words to focus on what you want.

Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Believe.


Stop getting stuck somewhere mentally when you are no longer there physically.​ ​Your life is right in front of you. Your joy is inside you.


Be an exception. You will succeed because you believe.


Command your mind.


The way you handle your good thoughts is where you get the resolve to survive the bad ones.


If you are sitting around waiting for someone to save you, fix you or help you

You are wasting your time.


It all comes from within you. Success, ​r​resolve, happiness

It's inside you. Nobody can give this to you. 


Move your life forward. Think about a positive future.


​Any ​energy you put on things you can​'​t control depletes​ you​. Be accountable for your thoughts. 


Change your life. Change your thoughts. Bring energy to your life. Bring energy to your thoughts. 


Fear doesn't owe you anything. Doubt doesn't owe you anything.

You owe your future everything.


What are you afraid of? What have you been avoiding? Be relentless. Move forward. 


Overcome fear, overcome procrastination.


Think positively about your future. Believe in yourself.


It all starts with your thoughts.

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