Your Life is a Reflection of your Thoughts

Bliss Out Templates (34)-2Thoughts Become Things

Everything you have right now started as an idea. You thought you wanted your job, and you got one. You thought you wanted an apartment, and you got one.

Our thoughts shape our future more than any circumstances surrounding us.

Thoughts build momentum the longer you think about them. When you think positively about something (i.e., I'd be happy if I got married ), this causes you to move forward in that area. As long as those thoughts stay positive, you will move towards the thing you want. When you experience a setback in this area, you will still see hope or opportunity instead of giving up if you have enough positive momentum.

When you judge or doubt things in your life, you move away from them. You will exclude this idea or person more and more from your life.

What causes stress is when you want something, but you also doubt you can have it. These two opposing forces ( desire and doubt, hope and worry, etc.) cause inner friction.

Bliss Out Templates (29)-1-1Feel-Good Habit #2- Use your past to remind you not to define yourself.

Change is hard when we keep talking and thinking about how something was instead of how we want it to be. The way to let go of the past is to stop thinking about it. Your past is over, and your future is waiting.


Do you spend more time thinking about your past or the present? It may help to write your thoughts down for a day to see a pattern.

It may also help to replace thoughts of the past with thoughts of things you like or things you want.

Bliss Out Templates (5)-4Feel-Good Habit #3-Invest in yourself first.

You can always make decisions based on future financial gains or give it up to your inner bliss right now.

Everybody wants more money but it only gives short term fulfilment not lasting meaning.

This isn't about personal values, it's about knowing that what you really want, you already have.

When you want money, bliss out on the feeling of having it now.

Bliss Out Templates (6)-4-1Feel-Good Habit #4- Do other's rely on you to feel better? This is hanging over emotion onto others. 

Bad moods are contagious when you feel like you are responsible for other people's emotions. When other people feel bad, it's easy to think it's your fault or that you are responsible for cheering them up.

However, you can't change other people. It's more powerful to maintain your good vibes when you are around them. Your happiness is not a goal to impose on others ( or yourself). It's a vibrant feeling inside you. It's not an act or a performance; it's a feeling.

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When someone around you feels bad, your only job is to keep feeling good. Simply believing in feeling good will help. Having compassion for someone who feels bad will help; just don't go down with them.



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