You Know Yourself by Being Yourself

1-1-1Confidence is not from what you do; it's who you are.

Most people think happiness is a performance or an act but it's a feeling and it reveals who you are. When you feel good, time flies by and your inner bliss shows you that the only thing that matters is what's happening through you right now.

Bliss is not a future goal you need to earn, it's a presence inside you that reveals who you are.

Putting forth your best self isn't a brand you portray, it's your inner being shining through you.

Take your goals out of your future and unravel their bliss in you right now. Feel good about being who you are and you already have everything you need.

2-1-1Feel-Good Habit #2-

Happiness is a state of being. 

If you removed all stress and doubt, happiness would be left. Searching for happiness causes you to look for it in external circumstances where it can't be found.

Happiness is not a goal that can be found through effort or manipulating circumstances or people. It's a feeling inside you.

Take a few moments every day to bliss out on happiness unattached to any outcome.

3-1-1Feel-Good Habit #3- Who you are is much bigger than what you do.

A good career gives you a sense of purpose. It can also create a strong sense of identity.

But who you are is much bigger than what you do. If you believe in yourself and know your worth you bring far more value to everything you do. Instead of trying to appeal to others, you'll know yourself. If your results are always tempered by other people's approval, you will lose sight of who you are.

Line up with feeling good about what you do before you do it. Never doubt yourself because no amount of effort can compensate for a lack of belief.

4-2-1Feel-Good Habit #4- Keep up with your bliss.

Give your bliss as much attention as you give anything else. 

If you feel depleted at the end of the day it's because you aren't keeping up with your bliss.

Inside you is a powerful energy source that can propel you forward.

All you need to do is give it as much attention as you give everything else.

Continually bliss out on happiness to replenish yourself.

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