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Change keynote speakerI started my career as a keynote speaker in my early 20’s, most of the audience was much older than me. 

My motivational talk was about believing in yourself, self-awareness, and knowing your worth.  The older adults told me this is a message for teenagers. Adults have it figured out; they don’t need self-development. 

Now that I’m old; I know they are wrong. If this is you, this mindset is limiting your growth.  Life is moving forward, and you're going to be left behind. A limited mind means a limited life. You don't know what you don't know and you can't know what you are not willing to learn.

What’s missing is you can’t show up for others unless you show up for yourself.  You can’t see the value in others until you recognize the value in yourself.  You could be living so much more than you are. It's never too late.

Motivational Speech- Calling something good labels its opposite as bad. 

People routinely judge right and wrong. It’s what is reported on the news and splashed around social media. As long as we're talking about polarities, we're missing the real meaning.

Right and wrong are more about the context and circumstances, and these are temporary and changing. But what runs deep in all experiences is feeling. It’s the caring and passion that brings everyone together in the first place. If you focus on what you care about, you can’t lose because we all care about the same things.

Change Keynote Speaker- You Don't Know what You Don't Know

Taking sides means you have to defend your position, and now you only see one side of the story. The tighter you hold to your perspective , the more you miss out. You don't know what you don't know. The essence of any disagreement lies deeper than the issues; it’s the passion, meaning, caring and purpose that matters.

You don't know what  you don't know- Focus on the Crime Not the Criminal

Focus on the crime, not the criminal. The crime is committed, but a criminal is still a person. It's someone who struggles just like you and me and is trying to figure things out. In fear, rage or anger, we all do stupid things. We regret our actions, but we can’t take them back. We all make mistakes or even break the law. The difference is the criminal gets caught.

Most people are just doing the best they can. Not many are plotting to screw other people or ruin your day.

It’s easy to look harshly at others' actions until you realise the reason you judge them so deeply is it’s something you might do yourself if you were pushed in the same way.

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