You Can't Be the Best for Others if You're Afraid to Be Yourself

10-1Feel-Good Habit #1- Believe in Yourself and You Believe in Others

The way you lead yourself is the same way you lead others. For instance, if you are hard on yourself, you will be hard on others. Or if you judge yourself you will judge others.

If you can't accept yourself, you can't accept others.

Believe in yourself and you will believe in others.

9-1-1Feel- Good Habit #2- Listen to Your Body

Your body tells you when you're pushing yourself too hard. It tells when you're not getting enough rest. It watches your thoughts create inner turmoil and shows you the wear and tear.

What would it be like to have a mindful day?

You would feed yourself when you're hungry. You would sleep when you need the rest. You would relate to your pain and passion.

Listen to your body.

11-2Feel-Good Habit #3-Friends Bring Out Your Good Qualities.

Like attracts like. Because of this universal principle, you are most attracted( drawn to) to people who are like you. You share similar thoughts, ideals or enjoy doing the same activities. A strong bond forms when you come together because you share these commonalities.

Sometimes you can see in a friend what you've forgotten about yourself.

Spend time with friends when life is a hassle; just being around them will make you feel better.

12-2Feel-Good Habit #4- Being is Not Doing

Hello, 2022! Is it your goal to be happy in this new year? (Of course!)

Just remember that happiness is not a goal; it's a feeling. It's a state of being; it's not something that requires effort.

If you sit still and quiet your thoughts, you may sense that a vibrant part of you exists without any effort. This happiness is your bliss, and it is an integral part of who you are.

When you make happiness a goal, you put it off as a future outcome and not something you have right now. But you do.

It's only your attention to stress that causes you to forget about happiness.

Bliss Out. Happiness wants you to bliss out on it more often.

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