You Can Only Get What You Can Handle

5-3Feel- Good Habit #1-Life will only evolve to the level you will allow it.

For most people, our lives stay the same from year to year (we change but only slightly).

The only reason you are not constantly evolving is that you can only get what you can handle. Most people think change happens when the external circumstances in their life change(career, financial situation, etc.). But real change has to occur within you first.

The only thing that keeps you from evolving is doubt, worry and fear. It's holding you back until you can handle the change you want to see in your world.

Be the change you want to see in the world ( Gandhi and a few other people have said this before).
Believe in it first, and you will see that change happen in your life.

6-Dec-14-2021-08-00-51-71-PMFeel-Good Habit #2- Real Love is Not Conditional on a Relationship

Unconditional love means loving someone no matter what. It's the love that matters, not the things you do or the shared agreements you have. It's not the patterns that form your relationship; it's the way you feel about the other person.

Love is one of the most powerful feelings around, and it thrives when it's not attached to circumstances, behaviours or outcomes.

Instead of trying to change someone, love them no matter what.

7-2Feel-Good Habit #3- Give People the Benefit of the Doubt

It's challenging when someone disappoints you. It means they didn't live up to your expectations.

It seems to be about the behaviour of the other person but your disappointment is about your expectation, not the other person. Most expectations are based on assumptions and not reality. Expectations don't accurately take into consideration the situation, the circumstances or the other person.

Expectations define what you think should happen, not what does happen. If you took a step back, you could see that most people are doing the best they can given all the circumstances. Nobody sets out to ruin your day, let you down or be average.

Keynote Speaker

Disappointed? Expand past the expectation and consider the nuances of the circumstances.

Or, this may be easier.
Give people the benefit of the doubt and assume the best in them. Focus on their strengths, not their weakness.

8-3Feel-Good Habit #4- Observe yourself often.

You experience your life through yourself. It's your perspective, thoughts and feelings that makeup how you see reality.

Assessing means putting things that are happening into piles of right or wrong. It's quick mental assessments that judge the pro's and con's and separate the good from the bad.

It's keeping life at arm's length where you can assess its future value but not live it now. As long as you define something as wrong, you can't accept it, appreciate or live with it. It can't become a part of your experience.

Through assessing life, you can only see and be one side of reality at the moment, the good or the bad. For instance, as long as you are worried about the future, you can't see opportunities. Or, as long as you doubt others, you can't believe in them at the same time.

To experience your life, you would assess it less and feel it more. Observing how you respond to life sees the good and the bad and appreciates it all.


Assess less and feel more. Be aware of life happening around you and through you without labelling it as good or bad.




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