You Be You. You Don't Need Anyone's Approval

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Inside you is incredible potential. You can feel good, move forward and be unstoppable. 

The reason a lot of people are unhappy is they need other people's approval to feel good. But this is a moving target, and you can never get it right. Other people's thoughts and feelings are their business. You don’t need to change them​ to know what matters.​

You are smart. You be you

You are talented. You be you

You are happy. You be you

Don't worry about them. You don't need anything from anyone to be who you already are. You are so powerful​, ​if only you realized it. It's not something you work for. It's something you live up to. You already have it.


It's a powerful uniqueness that is you, but it isn't revealed through other people's approval. It revealed by your belief in yourself. 

Live up to your strengths.

Live up to your value.

Live up to your joy​.​

These are inside you and a part of you.

Who cares what people think about you on Instagram? If your worth is tied to their likes, your holding yourself back. 

You will always be looking for a more appealing way to appeal to others. Be yourself. 

Suppose your good feelings are tied to Facebook approval ratings. You're holding yourself back. 

If what you really care about looking good to others, it will always deplete you. Only you know what really matters to you.

If your value is pegged to other peoples praise, you're holding yourself back.


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Your intention is wrong; your direction is off.

Don't do things for them- do it for you.

Do things because it's meaningful to you

Do things because it brings you joy

Do things because they matter

​By ​releasing​ the need for others to praise you endlessly​, you can focus on what matters to you- not them. They don't know you - you know you.

Don't be a knock off of yourself to please others.

If you are attached to other people's approval, you need their opinions for you to matter.

Your direction is off. Your value is inside you; you have to believe in yourself. 

Suppose you don’t know your worth. If you don’t know what matters to you, you're looking to other people to tell you what matters. 

But they may be lost too. They are looking for everyone else to find their importance too. 

​This​ means we​ are all looking to each other for hope

We​ are​ all looking to each other for approval

We​ are​ looking at each other to determine our value.

This is a moving target that is not based on any fundamental strength or worth. It can easily waste your time. 

Whose going to give this thing direction? How are we ever going to move forward? 

Don't let your life be a regurgitation of other peoples ideas

Because it's not their ideas

It's someone else's ideas which is someone else ideas.

Your infinite value is in the creation of new ideas. Innovative ideas.

Where do you find those ideas? You live them. You don't scrape them off the internet. They are inside you. This is the right direction. 

You don't learn from information​, y​ou learn from experience​.

The good news is, You already have it. You’ve already lived so many lessons. Your rich life experiences have taught you so many great things. Things that matter, focus on this.

You’ve already had a pretty joyful journey; if you can look back and appreciate it- it will reveal what brought you to where you are today.

When you figured out what you don’t like in life,  you also figured out what you do like. Now, if you can focus on the meaningful things to you - you can move forward in a way that matters. 

Instead of joining the masses on the internet complaining about what they don't like, you can appreciate what you do. And your fresh perspective will move us all forward.

All you need to focus on is what matters to you. 

Not what matters to your spouse

Not what matters to your colleagues

Not what matters to the government

Focus on What matters to you.

How do you know what matters? By the way, you feel. If something makes you feel good, it matters. 

Your purpose, your passion, your strengths matter.

As long as you feel good, you’re moving forward. 

As long as you feel good, your head​ in the right direction.

As long as you feel good, your voice matters.

From now forward, you are you.

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