How to Write a Motivational Speech to Compel Change

Funny keynote speakerIt used to be that individual team members could refuse to change, and it was ok. People would shrug their shoulders and move on. As a result, some team members could hold the rest of the team back. Yet, organizations weren't changing at the pace they do today. To survive, organizations need employees who are resilient and willing to adapt.
As a keynote speaker,  one of my most requested topics revolves around how to get others to change. For leaders, a motivational speech is the quickest way to get people on board and moving in the same direction. Many leaders call me and ask me to give that speech, but I can't. It has to come from the leader. 
As suggested by Hubspot, the motivational speech has to be specific to the audience in mind and designed to change the way teams see the challenges facing them in the future.
As TED Curator Chris Anderson says, “18 minutes is really long enough to make a serious point and hold people’s attention.”
The most powerful question to ask when writing a motivational speech is, What's in it for the Audience?
Nobody knows the challenges of a team like their leader. However, sometimes you think you know people's woes, but you don't. I like to start planning a motivational speech by really digging into the challenges of the audience. Some common themes will emerge.
Once you know these themes, it's a great way to build your message around the audience. One of the easiest ways to construct a motivational speech is with a problem/ solution approach. Talk specifically about problems people face, and they will feel like you understand them. Talking about it helps them ease the struggle. The first half of your motivational speech to compel change is defining the problem; the second half is outlining a solution. 
Remember to keep the entire speech optimistic, no matter how many headwinds you face. What people need from their leaders is a sense of hope. Talk about some of the challenges ahead and recognize the team for their energy, productivity, and effort. Show people the kind of progress that has been made and give a strong direction for the future.
 A motivational speech to compel change should be quick, to the point, and it should have common themes weaved throughout it. Also, for change to stick, we need to keep suggesting these same vital messages over and over again.
Any cry for change must appeal to both logic and emotion for it to hold. Throughout our day, people continually make decisions based on our emotional and rational ( logical)side. Our thoughts ultimately control our destiny. A persuasive speech will help people believe they can change and give them the tools necessary.
A motivational speech has to change people's thoughts to change their actions. This requires self-control. It works like an inner monitor that forces us to pay attention to our behavior and alter it to suit the change initiative.
The reason change is hard for most people is that this level of self-control is exhaustible and will run out. Change is hard because people wear themselves out. We get exhausted. It's easier to fall back into our comfort zone.
To craft a motivational speech to compel change, a genuinely analytical case is reasonable ( and the approach I see most leaders take), but it will have direction without emotion. To get others to change, you have to speak to logic and emotion. Just like understanding a problem does not fix it, knowledge does not change behavior, but the feeling has the power to. 
Remember, what looks like audience resistance may be a lack of clarity. In the uncertainty that comes with change, people need a clear direction.
In a motivational speech to compel change, always use an active, positive voice. If you want people to act with clarity, they need a particular, meaningful direction.  
Turn skeptics into believers by providing a clear path to manage expectations. Most people need specific instruction and an appeal to emotion to motivate change.
Finally, celebrate successful efforts worth emulating, appreciate people for their contribution, and tie your motivational speech to the change ahead.
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