The Elements of a Motivational Speech

microphones for funny motivational speakersToday, people need motivational speeches more than ever. A leader's greatest role is to inspire hope in others. There is really no better way to do this, than by motivating the troops with an inspirational speech. Below are some ideas on how to accomplish this heightened sense of hope and inspiration. 

Remember, every motivational speech should take the audience from where they are now, to a new, better reality. An audience should transform from the current reality to where you want them to be.

Start writing a motivational speech by taking your audiences current situation and comparing it to a better future. As motivational speaker coach, Nancy Duarte suggests, a great speaker will make the gap between the two realities as dramatic as possible.

Throughout the talk, take people from the present to the future, and from the problem to the solution. The motivational speech should continue to be an ebb and flow from what is and what could be.

If you are trying to convince people that a new policy, product or technology is a good one, make sure to clearly outline how we work now (and all the inefficiencies) and how down the road ( once all the kinks are worked out), this will improve our work situation. Also, appreciate people for the work and effort they have put in. 

Finally, every speech should end with a call to action that cements in the new, better reality.


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