Why you Need to Have More Fun at Work

fun at work speakerPlay researcher, Stuart Brown from the national institute of play, found that the absence of rough and tumble play as a child results in an adverse effect on the brain. His research found, criminals who do unspeakable acts, usually lacked playfulness as a child. This resulted in a lack of compassion for others.

During play, part of the front brain is unhooked and lights up the brain and creates connections that weren't there before. Play allows us to take in novelty and be more adaptable, and have a good time in the process.


Dr. Brown argues that what makes human beings unique is we are meant to play throughout our lifetime, it's just many people forget how. Play makes you more tolerant, creative and happy, so why aren't we doing more of it.

Partially because play still seems to reserved for children, observe any group playing, and chances are, they are children. Rarely,  do we see adults goofing around, laughing and playing, without the influence of alcohol. In fear of being perceived as frivilous and not being taken seriously, adults hide their playful side.

Having a playful spirit in your work will make you more creative, happy, influencial and productive. When you play you aren't worried about outcomes and you make  creative, innovative bold decisions. Some people believe play is a waste of time, but it's not. 

Today, children play a lot less on the playground and a lot more on their Ipad. When I am hired as a funny motivational speaker, I often remind the audience, why we need more play:

It naturally decreases stress and boosts positive endorphins

It balances your perspective and allows you to take yourself lightly

It increases productivity and creativity

It improves relationships with others

Time will fly by and your will be more present and centered

It keeps you young and energetic

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