Why Jody Should Be Your Next Keynote Speaker

Imagine attending a corporate event where the keynote speaker does more than just talk at you. They draw you in, ignite your imagination, and leave a lasting impact long after you leave the room. That's the level of engagement and emotional impact you can expect from Jody Urquhart, making her one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in North America.


What sets Jody Urquhart apart from other keynote speakers?


Jody's unique appeal as a keynote speaker lies in her perfect blend of humor, inspiration, and insightful content. Drawing from her background in stand-up comedy, she seamlessly integrates humor into her keynotes, which doesn't detract from her message but enhances it. The result? A memorable, impactful presentation that audiences not only enjoy but take to heart.


Moreover, Jody uses her ECR formula—Engagement, Cutting-edge Content, and Results—to create keynotes that stand out. She meticulously plans each presentation with specific goals, incorporating the latest industry insights to ensure her audience leaves not only entertained but also better informed and motivated to take action.


As a motivational keynote speaker, Jody participates in over 100 events annually, aiming to rejuvenate professionals through humor and inspiration. For her, job satisfaction isn't just about the tasks you perform—it's about how those tasks make you feel.


With more than two decades of experience in uplifting audiences worldwide, Jody brings a refreshing perspective on finding joy and meaning in work. She also wrote "All Work & No Say," a best seller.


What are the benefits of hiring Jody Urquhart as your keynote speaker?


When you choose Jody as your speaker, you're ensuring an experience that will captivate and inspire your audience. Her charisma and wit serve as a magnet, pulling the audience in with laughter and leaving them with both motivation and invaluable insights. If you want to elevate your event and leave attendees buzzing with excitement and ideas, Jody Urquhart is the speaker for you.


Why you should book Jody Urquhart for your next event


Do you need a speaker who can captivate and enlighten your audience? Look no further than Jody Urquhart. Her unique blend of humor, industry insights, and motivational flair makes her an unbeatable choice for your next event.

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