How can a Keynote Speaker Break or Make an Event?

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Remember when we were little, and our favorite game was ​playing with blocks or lego​? ​We​ fussed over how we​ placed one block on top of the other. We knew that the blocks had to be arranged in a particular manner so that the sequence wouldn't break, and neither would it fall. Amid all those blocks, was a special one, and if that was misplaced​, we knew it would trigger the rest and our building, or the house we built would fall. 

Now that you have an image in your head, it will​ be easier to digest when I tell you that "A keynote speaker makes or breaks your event." Attendees will almost certainly remember how your meeting began and how it ended.

You must have attended several professional conferences, various events, and undoubtedly, at least one of those ​had keynote speakers​. As the name indicates, a keynote speaker is someone who is the key to your entire event. What your event or conference is about and what message you want to convey to your teams or your participants is dependent on the keynote speaker. ​If a keynote speaker is relevant, captivating, and engaging, they set the event up for success.​

According to an article in forbes magazine, a top motivational speaker will make the most of the time by asking for a commitment from the audience. Having lasting, tangible results from a keynote speech is critical.

Just like placing the wrong block can bring your whole house down, putting the wrong speaker can set the wrong tone and bring the event down.

​The keynote speaker can capture the essence ​of an event, and he delivers​ this​ in the form of the keynote speech. I have personally been captivated over and over again by great motivational speakers. A few great speakers inspired my mindset and my career. Over the years, I've presented at exceptional world-class events, and I have experienced some of the best motivational speakers around. I've also experienced some really bad ones. ​I can see how vital that keynote speakers are on your agenda( no pressure!).




Some events hire famous motivational speakers every year, and it gets harder and harder to continue to fill that spot. The audience becomes accustomed to experiencing a great opening or closing keynote speaker, and the bar is set high. It can become a highlight for the event and the reason that people attend.

Okay, here is another thing. Whenever you arrange an event, let's say that it's a conference. Even with panel discussions, cocktail parties, luncheons, and a killer series of breakout sessions, the event can be turned upside down with a keynote speaker delivering an enjoyable, informative, and catchy keynote speech. Who you pick for giving the address, what they talk about, ​and ​how they talk about​ it matters. ​Can they inspire​?​ ​Will​ they engage people​ with their message?

All of this​ is as crucial as any other factor in making or breaking your event. ​Once you've chosen and the date and a venue, find a keynote speaker. Yes. Before you choose your menu, select your keynote and guest speakers.




​With an overload of information vying for our attention, ​It is human nature that​ our attention spans have shrunk. ​ If ​audiences ​are bored or​ ​are forced to watch​ something bland and no fun at all, we get ​agitated​ and tend to tune out whatever is happening around us. And you surely do not want that happening at your event. Surely you don't want to see people yawning or using their phones ​( unless it's to tweet content) ​and, in general, uninterested in your event. 

This is why it is vital that the keynote speaker you choose for your event is not just a robot giving out facts or​ ​has people staring at a ​PowerPoint​. The person must have the ability to make ​their ​topic seem fun​,​ exciting​ or interesting and relevant​; he should be able to make use of different activities so that people stay awake and participate with full enthusiasm. The right choice of words, ​analogy, and examples, ​paired with stories and jokes that is what people are looking for

That they not only learn, they learn in such a way that it doesn't feel like a burden, instead, but it also makes them feel like they escaped to someplace new for a while. 



​The real reason people attend events is to network and learn. Professionals need Continuing Education Credits ( CEU's) every year, and industries need to keep their teams up to date on current relevant information, policy, and trends. The trouble is some of this information is dry and hard to digest. Studies show people only remember two or three critical points in any speech, so we need to keep engaging them to learn. Events experienced their most considerable attrition when they aren't the right balance of information, inspiration, humor, and content

I believe people need more inspiration in their lives. Business professionals today are overwhelmed with increasing workloads, and stress levels are high. This can lead to negative perspectives and spiral downwards, impacting team productivity, and morale. We need to keep filling people up with positive emotions. We can do this in a lasting way by teaching them soft skills. Some of the top keynote speakers teach soft skills like dealing with conflict, staying resilient, keeping your sense of humor, and more.

​The next time you are looking for someone to be your keynote speaker, make sure that you give this blog a read! 


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