When to Hire Humorous Speakers for Your Event?

funny motivational speakers"Laughter is an instant vacation."

Milton Berle

Planning a great event starts by recognizing what attendees need to hear. Is it inspiration? Relevant content? Actionable ideas?

Don't forget the humor​. ​Audiences need to laugh. Laughter is therapy, it's medicine, and it brings joy.

​Events are an experience. To make it complete, we need to engage people, and humor is the quickest way to ​relieve stress and make people more susceptible to learn. 

​For many, a conference is one of the only professional development experiences people get. Your goal is to push them to another level.

​Imagine this. ​Some professionals feel stuck in a rut for a long ​time​. ​Some people​ are sad, hurting, ​stressed out, and​ don't feel like talking.  ​When stress builds up, people​ shut ​themselves out​ from the world. ​For over 23 years as a funny motivational speaker, I've seen how humor pulls a room together.​  People let go of their preconceptions and join the fun.

A great funny keynote speaker doesn't use humor, so the audience likes them better. They're not there to be popular but to get people to think and expand their perspectives. Make sure their message is carefully crafted and has meaning.

​When​ you burst into peels of laughter…. That moment is pure bliss, its sheer euphoria. Those moments are what you need to hold onto and why people hold on.

​There are many types of keynote speakers, from inspirational to industry experts to famous motivational speakers. A funny keynote speaker has a specific goal to strategically use humor to decrease stress and help the audience grow.

​We know we need to balance a content-rich agenda with fun. So how do you know when to hire a funny keynote speaker?​



​For audiences with a lot of stress, ​Laughter is the best therapy. Not everyone is comfortable around large groups of people, but they willingly accept it attending an event. So​ we need to help ​them feel right about being there. Many other professionals are overworked, or uncertain about their future. Stress prevents learning and connection.

With ​cleverly crafted humor,​ funny keynote speaker​s​ will help lighten the mood of the crowd​, build rapport in the room​ and make the​ audience​ feel like all their worries fade away. And that is your aim. 



During your event, you will face various situations. You ​create​ a picture-perfect scene in your head, but it might not flow as smoothly as you wish.​It would help if you always had a backup plan, which ​can be ​your funny keynote speaker. Tackling a problematic situation with ​levity, ​funny stories, and ​laughing at the tough stuff may​ be the best fallback plan ever invented!

​Skillfully plan for challenging slots on your agenda. CEO delivering bad news? ​Weak corporate results? Talk about severe industry changes?  Stressful information can backfire as attendees get fidgety or worse angry. You will need to balance stress with levity.

I did stand- up comedy for many years. Comedy loves catastrophe, and everything funny revolves around conflict. A lifetime of laughing at the tough stuff has taught me that stop taking things so seriously and get on with life. Celebrate failure and take the sting out of it with humor.


​Skilled funny keynote speakers use humor to achieve something great, no matter who the crowd

​No​​​ audience is alike, and some are tougher to get through to than others.

Some people ​refuse to buy into any learning experience​. ​Professional crowds can take a severe demeanor that creates a wall to engagement. ​

​A skilled​ funny keynote speaker knows how to ​create levity to ​get through​ to​ people, regardless of how tough they might be. Turning frowns into smiles will not just make them happy and enjoy the event; you will secure a good rank in their good books!​ Some tough crowds need to learn to stop taking themselves so seriously. The ability to laugh at yourself helps you be more genuine and personalize stress.


Th​e​ most crucial factor when planning your agenda. When you present an event that ​loaded with too much content​, attendees ​tune out​. Brains cannot just keep on absorbing information, and that's why people start getting bored and ​leave. ​Because their heads are spinning, and they did not sign up for lectures! So you might as well give them what's missing. Laughs! With a funny keynote speaker at your side, you can easily manage a rich content agenda. 

Everyone is struggling one way or the other, and the best way to give ​people ​a little peace, a small escape from their cave of problems, is by offering them a beam of sunlight. Times are uncertain; no one knows what will happen. So, you might as well make the most of now and laugh! 


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