What's Holding You Back?

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Moving forward feels good. It feels hopeful, optimistic, joyful. Moving forward is something that we all appreciate. This short motivational speech will help you move forward.

We love seeing progress. We love being happy with the results. We love seeing our ideas become a reality. 

Prosperity, progress and success always feel good, and this feeling continues to move you forward. 

Purpose, prosperity, progress and success always feels good. 

Passion and meaning feel good. Holding others back to succeed doesn’t. 

You can never feel good by wanting others to feel bad. The​se​ are opposing energies. Moving forward feels good- feeling bad holds you back. It doesn't matter who feels bad. Bad is bad. 

You can never truly succeed by wanting others to fail.  Success is a success; it feels good. Failure doesn’t.

When your success is everyone's success, we all win. We all feel good. We all progress. 

Just get your direction right. When your intention is for everyone to move forward, it will feel good. Suppose you intend to succeed at other expense. It will feel not good. 

This feeling can hold you back and slow progress. But you will always know by the way you feel. 

It feels so good to help others grow.

It feels so good to see the best in others.

It feels so good to want people to succeed. 

It feels bad to expect other people to fail. It feels bad to focus on anyone's weakness. It feels bad to worry about your competition.

But as long as your focus is firmly focused on feeling good, we all move forward. 

When my success is your success, we grow.

When your success is your neighbour's success, we grow

When your neighbour's success is everyone's success, we all grow.

The best thing you can do is to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Believe more in them than they believe in themselves. Imagine a future where we all thrive. For you, progress is a given when you believe in the progress of others. 

Y​o​u don't need to outsmart anyone to be kind to them

You don't need to outperform anyone; just help them

You don't need to outdo anyone, just out care for them.

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Instead of imagining yourself outdoing your competition, imagine yourself inspiring them. Don’t loath your competition, instead be inspired by their success. 

When everyone wins,- everyone wins. Each other​'s​ success props up entire industries. You share the same resources; you share the same talent pool; you share the same customers. When you succeed, everyone can. 

If your focus is on helping others, you can't go wrong.

If your focus is on helping yourself, you are limiting your future. You are limiting your industry. 

Every industry grows when we focus on solutions. Helping and supporting our customers and our industry makes us stronger.

You can't invite opportunities and expansion when you focus on yourself. It's just too narrow. 

Deviant thinking about anyone only negates yourself. When you are looking good makes others look bad, you are limiting yourself. 

You've narrowed in on the wrong subject. It's not expansive enough. You're focused on your success, and others fail. Success and failure negate each other, and it doesn't leave you room to grow. 

If your idea stops at you- it stops at you. When you go- so does it if your idea stops at you, your limiting growth. 

If your focus is on optimism, hope, prosperity or purpose, your focus is unlimited. It will keep growing. 

Hope, opportunity, love, joy, gratitude will take you anywhere you want to go. 

It always moves forward, it keeps expanding and growing, and it always fuels you and feels good. 

As long as stress, competition, or lack of resources absorbs your focus, you limit your future. 


Broaden your perspective around hope, gratitude and opportunity, and you can't lose. 

If you are a leader interested in inspiring others, you must keep them focused on positive expansion, solutions and growth. 

The longer your team stares at a problem, the worse they will feel. Help them move forward by looking for opportunities and potential. Inspire them with optimism and hope that expands into their industry and doesn't stop with them. A team's energy expands when its value expands. They flourish when everyone flourishes.

If your team's attention is focused on solutions that enhance your industry's future and your customers- everyone wins.


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