What are the Qualities of a Good Inspirational Speaker?

If you're arranging a conference where you want to encourage, inspire, and boost the morale of your audience, then you probably need a motivational speaker. Finding someone appropriate is crucial. A powerful keynote speaker can liven up your event and get the audience talking for days, but a low-energy speaker may leave an unpleasant first impression on the attendees. Whether hosting an in-person symposium or an online event that requires a virtual speaker, here are some qualities to look for:


When used correctly, humour relaxes the audience and emphasizes the keynote speaker's main point. It even aids in the retention of that information while making people more receptive to suggestions and ideas.

If you want a topic presented more light-heartedly, it's best to go with a former stand-up comic. . They should use clean, witty humour, well-researched and relevant information, and audience engagement to bring people together around a common aim.


A good motivational speaker should be able to captivate an audience and hold their attention throughout the presentation. They are energetic, engaging, and know how to work a room. Often, the best speakers don’t depend on PowerPoint; all they need is a microphone.


Your team should be able to see themselves in the speaker and feel like they can learn from their experience. Look for a speaker who has overcome challenges in their own life and can share their story in an inspiring way.

Understands your goal

Be sure that the speaker knows what you want to accomplish and can prepare material that helps you achieve it.

For example, if your event aims  to motivate your employees to boost profitability in the coming year, you need a keynote speaker to inspire your team and equip them with practical tools. So they can use it to improve their performance.

Choose someone known for giving savvy, uplifting, and amusing guidance to help your audience develop a positive and meaningful perspective in the face of stress, transition, or whatever obstacle your company currently faces.

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