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When it comes to team building, cookie-cutter programs don't cut it. Trying to force fit a generic training program on a specific business problem can just frustrate people and trivialize the problem. At the same time, fun meeting energizers are key to keeping energy levels up, endorphins flowing and help people retain information.

I was a funny motivational speaker at a financial conference that genuinely focused on bring more fun and humor to work.  The group participated in a bunch of fun team building activities. 

Here are some of the activity stations they set up:

Stuff a Bear. Here delegates worked in groups to compete with other groups to stuff the best teddy bear, fastest. Lumpy, grumpy bears were disqualified. 

Hit the Cup. Just like beer pong, participants try to land a ping pong ball into a glass. Reels of laughter erupted as people fell apart when their shot hit the glass but promptly bounced back out.

Treasure Hunt. The event organizers created an excellent treasure hunt where one clue leads to another. The clues all related to the industry and hints linked to specific people.

Find a few things in Common. Break the room down into groups, In a group, find ten things you all have in common. The groups competed against each other to be the first to find the most commonalities.

Meeting energizer. The financial conference did a fun and quick energizer. I find these are great between keynote speakers to keep the group engaged and raise overall energy levels.

Here is how to play:

Have Everyone Stand up. If this is the first time at this event, sit down. If you have been at more than ten conferences, please move to one side of the room. The remaining group created a special cheer that was super fun and entertaining. It was something they talked about for years to come.

Pride Parade. Here the group bragged about some of their accomplishments over the year.

Weaving in company or industry information will make the teambuilding activities much more engaging and memorable.

Play isn't just for kids; in fact, it may be even more important for adults. 


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