Two Types of Virtual Keynote Talks

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Virtual keynote speakers can offer you delivery by TWO OPTIONS:

LIVE Virtual Presentation 
​They are delivered in real-time with the audience, ​often ​utilizing a visually appealing background. ​The presentation will be customized using platforms like Zoom to meet your specific meeting objectives. ​The Keynote Speaker can interact via chat or video with the Audience. They can also offer a Q&A session​.​ The LIVE virtual presentation may cost more because it requires your keynote speaker to deliver their speech at a specific time.

Pre-Recorded Virtual Presentation

This keynote speech may have the same Content, but it is pre-recorded​ and catered​ ​to the audience. It is recorded ​before the event— Applies state-of-the-art technology and special effects to improve retention of the video content and viewer attentiveness. Many virtual speakers ​Utilize cutting-edge film mechanics in a ​pre-recorded presentation.
The advantage ​of this pre-recorded option is you can hear the keynote speech before the audience does. Some keynote speakers may be willing to alter this content, but some may not.

The downfall of a pre-recorded Keynote is there is no interaction with the audience unless the speaker is willing to chime in ​during or ​after the presentation​.​ The Pre- Recorded Virtual Presentation is the most cost-effective way to include a virtual keynote speaker in your agenda. It will be easier to negotiate the speaker fee when they can pre-record the content on their own time. Some virtual keynote speakers will have one generic pre-recorded Virtual presentation that they sell to different audiences.  
 Why hire a virtual keynote speaker?
​A virtual event is hosted over the internet using platforms like Zoom. Check out The Best Virtual Event Platforms. Participants click on the link on their computer or cell phone; voila, they are part of a virtual event! With no travel, conflicting schedules, and no coordinating venues, virtual events quickly become a great way to host an event.​
​The Virtual Keynote Speaker​
The Keynote is the ​"​​key" note or theme to inspire or carry people throughout the event​.​ 

​Everyone wants a unique experience; Virtual events are no different. When people are at home where they can ​be distracted​,​ you must ensure you have virtual speakers that uplift, engage, and keep ​people's attention​.​

Virtual, motivational keynote speakers are relevant, thought-provoking, and engaging. Their high-energy delivery elevates the learning experience to meet your objectives.​ ​The content they share is meant to be affirming​,​ uplifting, and empowering.
If you have an agenda full of rich industry content​,​ it often comes across as a ​to-do list. To the audience, it means more work and more concerns piling up.
You want to give people something to look forward to and hire a virtual keynote speaker​.​  
The Content is designed to engage people and uplift them. It’s considered personal development content, virtual keynote speakers, develop soft skills that make the hard work worth doing​. Soft skills like communication, relationship building, ​and ​stress ​reduction​-​ these ​themes ​all make people better at their jobs​ and​ in their personal lives.
A virtual keynote speaker can deliver ​uplifting, meaningful and inspiring content. They can relate that inspiration directly to their job.​ Employees ​walk away​ feel​ing empowered,​ happy ​and, ​inspired​,​ more engaged​.​

When you bring people together for a live or virtual event​,​ ​ensure you reinvigorate ​a shared sense of purpose.
Especially with people working hybrid​,​ they need to remember why ​they ​were here. What are our shared values​,​ and what do we care about most​? 

A virtual Keynote Speaker can help you share messages people are ​tired of​ hearing​. When delivered with inspiration or comedy, they will hear ​it ​​differently​.​

Your ​Virtual ​speaker can reinforce ​commonalities ​in ​your vision ​and ​mission and bring that experience alive​.​ 
​To make a lasting and memorable impact by hiring a virtual keynote speaker.​

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