The Number One Thing that Will Make You Miserable in Your Job

Canadian speakerThe number one thing that will make you miserable in your job is if you take it personally.

Taking a job personally makes you feel the job should revolve around you and all your unique preferences, likes, and dislikes.  (For example, you like when your customers are friendly to you, you only like certain managers or shift schedules, You don't like change, and you only like to do specific jobs)
A job can never revolve around one person, even when self-employed. A job revolves around a purpose; it revolves around your customers. It revolves around circumstances and economic factors.

The job doesn’t revolve around you. You are just meant to enjoy the job whatever happens, because it’s never personal. Everything in your job happens independently of you, and you have no control over most factors or conditions. Stress will lurk in the shadows and Pounce when circumstances change, and the job doesn't meet your expectations. 
Physically your body releases stress hormones, and muscles tense up, and you will not be able to perform at your best. It is also challenging to have compassion for others when stressed out. You cannot enjoy your work when you insist it lives up to your expectations. 
It will be far more rewarding to appreciate your job as it unfolds. Instead of having a fixed idea of how it should be, relate to what does happen from moment to moment. 
Just to let you know, there is no suitable job for you. It’s just your fixed expectations that make you unsuitable for the job. Your idea of how a job should be can interfere with how it is. In this way, a job can never satisfy you. You will always compare what you think it should be with how it is, and the job will come up short.
Why do you lose interest in your job? It’s not because it's always the same and becomes dull. It’s because you do. You apply the same ideals and mindsets to different experiences.  The job can never be fresh or exciting.
 Remember, your doubt about yourself or your job only belongs to you. Nobody else is sitting around doubting you. The worry you have only belongs to you. Nobody else is worried about the same stuff in the same way you are. This is why you control your destiny. These worries and doubts are limiting and controlling your destiny​.​

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