Template of a Motivational Speaker Contract

motivational speaker contractI am currently renovating my age old motivational speaker contract (learn here how to hire a motivational speaker), thus I am researching the most important ingredients.
Although the list below is not exhaustive, here are some of most important pieces.


(Motivational speaker name) will present her/his keynote speech, half day workshop or seminar (insert speech title) for the Group ( i.e. the healthcare financial managers annual conference).
On September 13, 2017 from speaking time ( i.e. 7:30 - 9 pm) at the venue ( i.e.  The Boston Marriott hotel). 

Contract Elements

The investment is (i.e. $5000) plus, so list the additional expenses like economy or business class flights, hotel, incidentals like meals ( and any limits like $50 per day, etc, rental car, parking and airport transfers. 
Specify who will be booking the travel -the client or the speaker and a deadline for the travel booking to be completed (i.e- 30 days before travel to avoid increased fees).
You can also include all expenses in the fee (often easier for budgeting purposes).

Audio visual Requirements 

List whatever AV will be needed (i.e. PowerPoint, microphone, flip chart, laptop, etc) and who will provide it ( i.e. Should the speaker bring her own laptop or will one be provided?).

Call to action

What do you need from the client? A signature and a deposit? Or just a signature? For instance: Please sign and date the contract below, along with a 50 percent deposit. The balance is to be paid at the end of the talk.


Payment Methods

Can payment may be made by check or credit card? Include mailing address, who to make the check payable to or instruction on how to make credit card payments. 

Other terms

You may include terms like fees or penalties for late payments.

Liability and Insurance 

A liability clause should be added saying a client or entity is not liable for any issues or challenges that arise for the motivational speaker. 

Breech of Contract

Outline what would happen if the speaker or the client does not meet their obligations.
If the guest speaker does not show up by their own fault (i.e.- they booked another speech ) they should notify the client by a set date, find a replacement speaker and refund the deposit. 
If the motivational speaker does not show up because of factors out of their control ( i.e. delayed flights or weather), it should be decided up front who is liable for the airfare and what will happen to the deposit ( will it be refunded? In what time frame?)
If the program planner cancels the speaking engagement due to lack or registration or unforeseen circumstances, decide what compensation will be granted the speaker.
For instance, in our contract, we hold the deposit to speak the following year.
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