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The workplace has changed a lot. Many teams complain about too much work, not enough resources and a lack of significant, meaningful work or professional development opportunities

Overwhelming Workloads

Workloads are continually mounting and many people never finish the work they start. Thus, they don't have the satisfaction of completing a job and seeing the value it has for their organization, their customers or their community.

It's tough to celebrate a job well done when it's never done or it takes forever to complete. You lose sight of your purpose.

Wouldn't you rather fail at something big than be successful at a bunch of small menial things?

Work on completing things in 2018. What projects do you hope to complete? What is your vision of success ( who does it impact and how?)for each project?

Driven to Distraction

People are constantly distracted by competing priorities. What rises to the surface is usually the urgent tasks, not the important or meaningful ones. The work that adds value is tossed to the side to put out fires.

Technology also ensures that we are constantly drifting from disruption to disruption.

We slowly diminish ourselves and our work when we continue to dodge meaningful, thoughtful work. We can rise above simple distractions when our heart is in it and we feel a bigger purpose.

Say no to things that tempt you away from your goals( ie constantly checking your smartphone for updates).

Meaning should proceed action, not the other way around.

Recognize your team's collective significance. You are doing important work, but do you know who is a part of that team and what you are really working towards? Each member should own their role in creating significance and not just be completing tasks.

Focus on innovation and energize around purpose instead of just staying busy.

This blog was updated on December 27th, 2018. 

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