Steps to Detox Your Desire For Instant Gratification

Technology allows us to get our desires met quickly and with low effort. But be careful because overuse of technology can cause burnout and overstimulation.
Technology and social media can be addictive because it gives you an immediate buzz. However, it only satisfies an instant desire. The nature of this addictive behaviour is that once a desire is fulfilled, you will crave more, which keeps you returning to the platforms. 
Studies show this addictive behaviour will cause you to take things for granted.
Here are Some Steps to Detox Your Desire For Instant Gratification:

1) be mindful of how you use technology. Is it just to get what you want, or do you try to help others? Is technology making you selfish?
2) appreciate the value of things. Consider how hard people work and what it takes to make the things you buy
3) reuse things or fix them up instead of buying new
4) do what’s correct or meaningful, not what’s efficient
5) most important, be aware of how you chase stimulation and be neutral instead of reaching for a tech fix
 6) Ask yourself if it is a need or desire before buying online. It’s a desire so see if you can do without it 
Is social media about socializing or business?
Social Media has infiltrated our lives, and it’s not just a tool for talking to friends. Many people use social media to build relationships, communicate and find business. 

Mixing business with pleasure is always challenging for organizations. But like it or not, personal cell phones and Instagram feeds are becoming the mainstream at work. 
They are helping blur the lines between work and play because there was never a line; you shouldn’t be one person at work and a different person at home. You are you.,

What matters at work is productivity. A job is a job but nobody said it wasn’t fun, and socializing and relationships are a big part. 
However, the overuse of social media at work will distract people and contribute to burnout. Let's apply mindfulness to social media and consider how it takes you out of the present moment. 
When you take a picture, you will miss the moment—your capturing it for later but not being in it now.
In the same way, When you think about something someone else is doing on social media, you are not experiencing the moment you are in right now. 
People are more productive and healthy when they aren't constantly distracted from their work. It may help to share some of the pluses and drawbacks of social media with your team. 

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