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With everything going on, we all need inspiration and a way to release tension. Laughter is the shortest distance between pain and pleasure, so I thought I'd dig into my stand-up comedy background to highlight how humor helps release stress and improve our well being.

When we thrive in uncertain times, we rise above our stress. If you are unadaptable to trying times, it can crush you. The negativity thrust on us right now through news and social media is high, and we need tools to reflect and find meaning.


To start, I thought I'd write some comedy about this crisis. It helps me reframe it! Unlike humorous stories or funny quips, stand- up comedy has a very specific structure, it involves a set -up and a punch line, so these are defined below.

Set -up (SU): When this quarantine is over

Punchline ( PL): I'm getting a divorce from myself.


SU: There is nobody to talk to!

PL: I said to my five family members.


SU: I slept well last night

PL: So I could be ready for a day of handwashing and looking out the window.


SU: Let's face it, some people like social distancing

PL: This is because they don't like people.


SU: The worst person in the world to self-isolate

PL: Is the one who won't stop talking and refuses to take a shower.


SU: I've never in my life

PL: Cleaned a sink full of dishes like this.


SU: I was late for my virtual meeting.

PL: I got lost between my bathroom and the kitchen.

Right now, we are all told to stay positive instead of complaining about the way things are. Yet it sounds simple; it's not. First, you need to release the negativity and let go of negative emotions.


Our emotions are like a mirror; when you send out negative energy, this is what you get back. If you are brave enough to move forward, there is a purpose in pain. Everything happens for a reason. As you peel back the layers of pain, you become more robust, and you heal.

The quickest way to move around sadness, fear, stress, and tension is to laugh at your stress. Laughing doesn't make it all go away, but it helps you heal and reframe your perspective.

Clear your mind of unnecessary clutter and allow yourself to move forward with laughter.

As I suddenly have so much more time on my hands, I reflect on my stand- up comedy years ( over 15 years ago). There were some tough moments as I dealt with loads of rejection, yet it was significant.

I've always been a people pleaser. Rejection is very hard on pleaser personalities ( anyone else a pleaser?) as you put yourself out there, and people can come back with some harsh criticism. I had to remind myself and realign myself with my goals continually.

It's learning not to take it too personally that helps. Separating the emotion from the feedback lets, you stay clear of self-doubt and do what you are meant to

Stand -up Comedy takes your most significant sources of stress and laughs at it. The laughter is your release. I am booked as a funny motivational speaker because I weave comedy and content to create a unique experience.


Covid19 is no laughing matter. We all know this is serious, and it's a "new normal," but this is a big test, and it is calling us to bring our best self forward. Comedy is naturally crafted around stress and conflict. We usually laugh at our toughest moments.

The silver lining to all stress is humor. Right now, we are living in close quarters in Isolation. I find there is plenty of comedy in this. It's interesting being forced to spend time with our families. As you isolate together, find ways to play games with your family and laugh as often as you can.

History shows that when we go through challenging times, we turn to humor. Comedy is our coping mechanism. It distracts us from the stress of the world and allows us to feel positive.


Laughing Boosts endorphins that make you feel good

Laughing Puts you in the moment where there is no stress

Laughing at anything takes the stigma out of it; it levels the playing field

Laughing decreases stress hormones

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