Sports Motivational Speech

Sport Motivational speaker

Sports Motivational Speech

I know it’s discouraging when you lose a game or a competition​​, but consider​ the​ Lucky ones are the losers.​ ​They stand to gain the most. When you lose​,​ you go back​, dissect what happened, and look for ​improvement opportunities​.​

When you win​,​ you celebrate, but you don't change. Eventually​,​ the table will tip because you are growing​,​ and they are staying the same​.​ Everyone is always a work in progress​.​

The point of the game, it’s meant to help you grow.

If everybody gets a trophy, nobody needs a trophy. That was the whole point of the award.

What was missing is you came to the game for more significant reasons. You didn’t come for the trophy.

Think of it as a parent. If you need a trophy for what you do for your child, you’d be a lousy parent.You do it because you love your kids; you do it because you want them to thrive.

Rewards are a bonus but focus on real motivation and growth. 

Your purpose is more significant than your problems.

I know setbacks are tough, but if you get caught up fighting the little battles, you won’t have time to go after the big ones.

When you lose, you can deal with it without fighting it to move on to what matters. You can spend time-fighting the past or move forward and keep growing.

Canadian Sports Motivational Speaker

You can’t have the good without the bad; it’s part of growth. 

If you are unhappy with your success, you're pushing things too far but not far enough. You have to go over the edge to see the edge. 

You can live in moderate unease and discontent, but you’ll still live.

Turn and face the fear and have the courage to go through it and you will find the other side.

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