Six Keys to Happiness

images-1.pngDr. Emma Seppala wrote a book on happiness that unraveled how it accelerates success.

The book, The Happiness Track, offers the following 6 keys to happiness:

Be in the present. The present moment embodies very little actual stress. If you are stressed or anxious, it is likely you are worried about the past or projecting fear onto the future. The more absorbed you are in the moment, the more stress will naturally fall away. Being present has the added benefit of making you more magnetic and helping you connect better with others. 


Resiliency. To boost resiliency, Dr. Sepella says focus on your breathe. Breathe is something we can control and yet most of the time it happens unconsciously without our effort. 

Our breathing alters our emotions. Slow deliberate breathing can help you calm your nervous system. As a Direct intervention to a high stressed life, simply slow your breathing and lengthen the exhale, and feel the stress melt away from your body. 


Do nothing. Engage in purposeful mind wandering, idle space where you can daydream. Here, ideas often come to you because you're doing nothing. Today we are distracted 24 hours a day, continually checking email, cell phones and social media,  we tune out and don't allow our minds to be free. 


Play more. Play has the transformative power to create balance, build connection with others and decrease stress. It also engages full brain, innovative thought. 

Funny motivational speakers power of play blog.

Diversify your activities. Doing something new and different stretches your mind. It makes you more aware and open to new possibilities. Most people stick closely to their comfort zone, interacting with the same people, doing the same things in the same way. The moment you switch it up, you invite new and creative ideas. 


It turns out being self-critical is not connected to self improvement. Self-compassion is a better way to register success.


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