Simple Habits to Enjoy Your Life More

Should you enjoy your life or continually try to improve it? 
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Many people work hard to suppress the anxiety of life. However, it’s the hard work causing the anxiety.
When things are hard, they instigate stress. If you work to suppress life, your life can never be fulfilling, and likely, the effort is wasting your time. Like being a hamster on a treadmill, you're not getting anywhere. Why? Suppressing energy isn’t living it. 
An inability to appreciate life the way it is means you're not taking action based on reality but based on mixed emotions. Any resistance to life as it is means you are not pivoting based on life but scurrying around avoiding fear. Your doubt or worry will be a performance crutch and solidify doubt.

How do you think you could avoid this performance trap?​ Here are ​Some tips​:

1) appreciate what happens. Focus on reality and operate on fact, not an assumption
2) pay attention to your inner world more than your outer world. It is driving performance more than any other single factor
3) When you are upset, take a brief time out. Take a few deep breaths and relate to your mixed emotion. Don’t try to suppress it. Understand it and let it be
4) yield to life, notice anytime you resist or don’t like what happens, and find a way to appreciate what happened; you don’t have to like it but investigate what happened
5) alter your plans based on reality. See every problem as an opportunity so that you're always moving forward. 
What’s challenging about emotion is when you don’t like the way it feels​,​ you push it away. ​You ​are ​not willing to experience it yourself and often will project it onto others​; this is where you create work. ​

Now it gets confusing because other people are a moving target and will continue to instigate mixed emotions.
Now Conflict arises​,​ and relationships can fall apart. ​We all need to learn more about ourselves, not others. 
But you do have options: keep relating to and approaching and appreciating the problem until it softens into opportunity.

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