Should you Criticize or Praise?

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Habit #1- Criticize or Praise? One feels bad, one feels good.

Even if you are right and someone else is wrong, criticism never feels good. It's far better to focus on someone's strengths and show them opportunities to improve.

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If you want to change behaviour why not inspire them instead of condemning them? Show people the value of what you want instead of forcing them to comply.

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Habit #2- We're told to be strong and confident but not happy.

For most people life is about hard work, not feeling good. You don’t get medals for feeling good, you get applause for results.

This teaches you to manipulate life, not live it.

Goals take your desires( like happiness) and put them into the future but you can only live your life right now.

The way to know you're really living life is by feeling good. Time -flies at the moment and the way you know you are in the present moment? It feels good.

Your good feelings are far more powerful than your effort.


To improve things we analyze them. This just reduces it to its lowest common denominator. It’s better to think bigger than the problem.

Aim to feel good about something and you will naturally focus on the solution.

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Habit #3- Focus on negative emotion always complicates your life.

Choose your emotions deliberately instead of reacting to life, it's so much more rewarding.


If you want something to be fun, set your intention to have fun before you go. It's not the situation that causes you to have fun. You do.

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Habit#4- Don't Lower Yourself to Someone's Bad Mood, Lift them Up to Yours

When someone else is in a bad mood, your best bet is to walk away or help them feel better. Joining them in their misery will never help.

You can't be happy by needing other people to be happy.


Make feeling choices instead of choices about circumstances and other people.

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Habit#5- You can only plan from what you know right now.

Disappointment indicates that you are not keeping up with your life.

When things don't work out according to your plans, nothing is wrong. Life is just pushing you on and letting you know you have to adjust your course. You planned based on yesterday, but this is today.

You are growing, but you have to go with it and not fight it.


Plans rule out other possibilities so you can’t get too attached to them. Use reality and a sense of purpose to adjust your course, not your plan.

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