Thriving in Uncertainty - A Motivational Speech by Best Keynote Speakers

motivational speechesAs a motivational speaker, I find the best way to keep inspired is regular short motivational speeches. Our next few blogs will feature short motivational speeches on different topics. Feel free to use these motivational speeches with your team or family.

Short Motivational Speeches:

You're not starting from scratch from starting from experience. Every experience leads you to the next one. Build on the knowledge to live into the next life lesson.

To live without fear, you have to live with it. Accepting and appreciating fear is the way through it. You can't fear the fear away; you have to get it. Experience it for what it is, and don't push it away.

The shift from surviving to thriving happens when you change your thoughts. To react is survival; to take a breath and respond is thriving. To be hard on yourself in stress is survival to take care of yourself is thriving.

Can't stop thinking? Why? The mind races as a survival tactic. It's looking for a way out. But with most stress, the only way out is through it. You can't push an experience away. Only learn from it.

The thing about strong people is they don't need you. They choose you. They don't pretend to like you. They do like you. These relationships are easy and rewarding because other people's agendas or opinions won't dissuade strong people. They stay true to their own. They know the world because they know themselves.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Remember, you only have to set boundaries if people push you too far. You train people on how to treat you. Boundaries are dicey, though, Because you can't control people. If you have to set a boundary with someone, maybe it's not a relationship you should have. Boundaries are just barriers to how we can communicate.

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