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It really feels great to celebrate your good health every day. Below is a short motivational speech to help you appreciate your vibrant health. By appreciating it, your health will thrive and grow.

We all treasure those days where we feel alive, energized and happy. You look good, you feel good, and you have loads of energy. 

Your good health flows through you and around you. Your energy is infectious and contagious. When you focus on and appreciate this amazing vitality, it will grow and expand.

What does it mean to have great health, and how can we find more of it? Obviously, exercise, sleep, diet are important, but we all know that. I think good health has as much to do with how you feel about your vitality as what you do about it. 

If you believe in your health, it can flourish.

​If you believe in your bodies ability to heal, it will flourish

If you believe in your vitality and energy, it will flourish​


What ​does it mean to be​ healthy? 

Healthy is a lifestyle

Healthy is a state of being

Healthy is a feeling

You don’t have to search for the feeling of vibrant good health, it's inside you right now, and it just wants your attention.

Being healthy feels good; being sick doesn’t. Let's be healthy and leave sickness behind by focusing on your health.

Health is vitality

Health is energy

Health is feeling good

Focus on this


Your good health is beautiful and powerful. If you want to be healthy, focus on this. Most of the time, people unknowingly focus on sickness at the expense of our health. 

For instance, you may have a bad back, but complaining about it is making it worse.

You may have a lot of stress, but worrying about it isn't helping. 

You may have anxiety, but stalking solutions to it is making you anxious. By focusing on how anxious you are it's making you anxious

You are just focused in the wrong direction. If you want health, think about health. 

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Many people fear health problems, but it would be a lot more rewarding and easy for you to enjoy your good health. 


Even if you have an illness in you, you have health too, or you wouldn't be alive. Appreciate all the amazing things your body does for you every day to keep you alive. 


You don't have to worry about breathing

You don't have to worry about digestion

You don't have to worry about growing older


Your body takes care of all of this for you.

Have faith in your health. It's right there. It's been there all along. 


I know your stress migraines are super annoying. You can't ignore pain. But you can appreciate a clear mind, a clear head, a healthy life.


If you keep calling out the pain, you keep denying your health. Instead, have compassion for your pain. Be kind to yourself. 


You don’t want pain- then what do you want?  Clarity, Relaxation, Calm, Joy, Focus, Vitality?

That all sounds good, so think about that. 


Have gratitude for your health

Have gratitude for your vitality

Have gratitude for your life


Give yourself a shot at a life worth living. You can't live that life without your body. Everywhere you go, your body goes with you. You can't live without it, so appreciate your body. Value it for its service; you've been through a lot. 


You've shown it some severe wear and tear. You've lived a great life together. Everything breaks down over time, but you can't live without your body. You have to build it back up.


Believe in your health

Believe in your bodies ability to heal itself

Believe in your great future with your great body


Every time you look at your body with disdain, you diminish yourself. 

You are your body; your body is you. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


Nourish your body with good thoughts about it. Love your body no matter what.

Short, fat, tall, Ill, strong, gorgeous, ugly, skinny, dark, light. 


You are you. You can't get away from yourself. Why waste your energy complaining about who you are? Love your body no matter what, don't compare it to others.


Health is something you have. Health is something you live. So live up to it. 


If you woke up every day and started telling your body how much you appreciate it for keeping you healthy, you would feel healthier.


If you woke up every day and started telling your body how much you adore it, you would feel healthier.


If you woke up every day and started telling yourself how healthy you are, you would be healthier.


What keeps so many health problems in your life is your focus on them. You agitate your good health every time you think about bad health. You are putting priority on health problems, and it's holding you back.


You are meant to live a long, healthy and fulfiling life. Your only job is to go live it. 

Don’t doubt your health

Don't worry about your health

Don't beat yourself up because you put on some extra weight.


Instead, appreciate the good health that you have, and it will flourish.  

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