Short Motivational Boost to Have a Great Day

Keynote speakerAs a keynote speaker, I pepper my brain with positive affirmations before I speak. I know I need to align with positive energy before hitting the stage. It's become such a reliable feel- good practice, I use it every day to start my day. I'd love for you to do the same thing.

The following short morning boost will help you get in the vibrational frequency to Bliss out on good feelings. Relax at the moment and feel the good feelings flowing through your body. Use this vibrant energy to get a good feeling out in front of your day. You are building positive momentum for the beautiful day ahead of you. 

Short Motivational Boost to Have a Great Day:


Good Morning. Today is a Great Day

Start this great day by taking a deep breath of positive and refreshing oxygen, and as you release even slower,  feel any tension fade away. 

Breathe in again, feeling anticipation for how great today will be. Breathe out, releasing tension

Today, you can always replenish positive energy by breathing in positive feelings and releasing negativity, stress, or doubt by breathing it out. 

Your deliberate intention and focus on feeling good will sustain a high vibration today.  

This is a perfect day. I have so much opportunity and potential ahead of me.

I am consciously setting forth my intentions at the beginning of this day.

Today is a wonderful day. I see today as an opportunity to feel every uplifting emotion and give positivity to everything I  do. It’s much harder to be negative, so I  will breeze through challenges and focus on opportunities. 

Today everything will work out for me and bring me peace and calm.

Today I will be aware of my emotions. When I feel great, I will embody that feeling for a while and let that uplifting feeling propel me forward. When I feel good, I move forward without hesitation or doubt.

Today I will take the time to visualise the best solution. I will imagine things working out the way I want. It's okay to pause for a while, to think about things, by taking the time to delve into my intuition, I can make the best decisions

Today is such a great day.

I can handle anything that comes my way with ease. I go about today with a light feeling of uplifting joy. I feel as though my feet are floating on air

Everything is easy and fun for me today. I accomplish things easily. I never worry or doubt myself. I believe everything I do will work out.

I am open to new ideas. Today I revel in the beauty of the small things. I will stop to smell the flowers. I will marvel at the good intentions of my colleagues. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

I will see positivity in everything on this day. Today will present many opportunities to feel good. Today I won’t question the motives of others. 

Today is a great day. It’s a new day—a new beginning. 

Today everything will work out for me. Great things are unfolding for me.

As I move through this day, I will stay focused and allowing. New ideas will naturally come to me. From everything that comes to me, I will find more things that I desire. I will come to a new awareness of what I want. Today I will find insight by following my good feelings.

Today I will be more aware of how I feel than I’ve ever been before

I am strong and confident today—everything that happens to me today I can handle. Today is only dependent on the vibration that I sense. Today I will feel exhilaration and positive vibration; I will be aware of my vibration.

Today I take the path of my greatest joy

Today will be fun

Today will be meaningful

Today I will appreciate everything that happens with curiosity

Today I align with my passion 

I feel good about myself

I can achieve vibrational alignment anytime I want

I can find the feeling of well being anytime I want

I love feeling good. I love how happiness flourishes inside me. I will be aware of how I feel, and I expect that I will feel good all day long.

These feelings of bliss are available to me anytime. Bliss will transform my day and propel me forward. 

Today I will accept with ease everything that comes my way. I’ve put so many things into my vibrational reality.

I believe in myself

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