Short Affirmational Boost Before Delivering Bad News


Giving bad news is hard because we always want the best for others. We don’t like seeing people disappointed. Or disheartened. It's important to get your intention and feelings aligned before you deliver bad news. The following affirmations intend to help you see others strengths, not weaknesses, and instil hope, not fear. 

As a keynote speaker, I notice leaders struggle when delivering bad news to their staff. They feel regretful and worried and their emotions impact the way the message lands with the team members. 

This short affirmational journey will help.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Repeat the following words in your mind while you feel the positive energy in your body. Affirmations help build a positive emotional intention before delivering bad news. More important than what you say is how you say it. Make sure you walk into a meeting with an intention to uplift people, not disappoint them.

Short Affirmations to Align with Positive Intention when delivering Bad News:


I am about to deliver information that may be difficult for others to hear. It’s a challenging position for me to be in. I won’t be hard on myself. None of this is anyone’s fault, and it’s hard to be the bearer of bad news. 

I know I can inspire positive change even in difficult times. I will go into this meeting with hope and belief that everything will work out. 

I see this as an opportunity. I know people have tremendous potential. I focus on their strengths. 

I never worry about others; I only believe in them. I trust in their inner guidance and strength to get them through. When one door closes- one door opens. 

I will show great compassion. I will be kind and listen. I will relate to their hard feelings. I will carefully explain the reason for my decisions. I will be straightforward and direct. 

I will highlight someone’s good qualities. I will recognize their strengths.  I will recognize and appreciate their contribution. If possible, I will nudge them towards opportunities.

I intend to be compassionate, kind and believe in others to help them move forward. Even in difficult situations, I can uplift others.

I will focus on solutions, not problems. I will see people moving forward not being stuck. I will convey that I am an advocate for others.

I will explain the rationale behind the outcome only to relieve questions or doubt. I will confidently convey the information. I know people need to know if a decision is final so they can move forward. 

I will not align with people’s regrets or doubt but nudge them in the right direction with hope and a focus on the future. 

 I will not wallow in the problem; I will focus forward. 

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