See the Worthiness in Others' to See the Worthiness in Yourself

18-1Feel-Good Habit #1- Appreciate others' value to appreciate your own value.

Usually, the people ​we appreciate the most reflect our best qualities. You are seeing in them what you ​recognize in yourself.

When you feel good​,​ you know you ​live your life to the best.

It feels good to appreciate ​others' ​values just like it feels good to ​enjoy yourself.

Be on the lookout to see others' value to appreciate your own.

19Feel-Good Habit #2- Being Yourself is Not a Goal, it's a way of Being.

Who you are is much bigger than anything you do. It doesn't take effort to be yourself,
and it always feels good.

It's because happiness is not a future goal, it's a present moment feeling. It's a state of being.

Believe in your bliss and that good feeling will remind you of who you are.

20Feel-Good Habit #3-Focus on what's meaningful to you.

Today everybody wants your attention but others' perspective isn't your perspective. With dwindling attention spans and copious distractions remember not to be distracted from yourself.

Your perspective is more important than anyone else's because you can only see the world through yourself, not others.

Make sure you give yourself as much attention as you do anything else.

21Feel-Good Habit #4- The part of you that wants more is the part of you that is more.

The only reason you want more in life is because you know that you have more potential than you are currently living. In the present moment you can always tap into who you really are, your bliss. Now, everything you want, you already are.

Remember that everything you want to be, you are.

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